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They had never heard anyone say that there were actually two trains!!!! AND one of them was RED! Continue reading

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At Last, the right Jack Reacher!!!!!AMAZON TO THE RESCUE!

LEE CHILD has written 20+ books about the character, Jack Reacher. 2 movies staring Tom Cruise. In the books, Reacher is 6 feet 5 inches tall and built like Hercules! Reveal alert!!! AMAZON has a new series on Prime that … Continue reading

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“YES, It was worth it!” note to readers, I got a lot of requests to expand on the above comment in the previous blog entry. The Elder asked Ellie if her life had been worth it, and she replied so quickly and emphatically some readers wanted to know why she was so sure it had been a life worth living!

When I was writing the draft of the previous blog Ellie’s answer just shouted out at me……YES!!!!!! When I went back to read the entire blog again even I had to stop and think about it. We come into our … Continue reading

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