Why would anyone want to blog, tweet, twitter, face book? We all think we have something say! Rarely do we “listen”. BUT everybody wants to be understood!

We can understand ourselves better if we understand others. As the saying goes………….”NOTHING lasts forever!” And that’s true, it doesn’t. So when we find ourselves facing change, loss or gain………….why invent the wheel again. Listen to what others have done and learn from their experiences.

How many times have you thought, “I wish I hadn’t done this or that! If I could just take it back or do it another way!”

I want to listen to everything people have to say about their experiences concerning “last times”, good times, and/or bad times. What would they say or do differently. Would it help or not to verbalize it? Would I avoid a mistake by reading what someone says about the way they handled it?

I want to write a book to share what we learn with as many people as possible hoping to make their lives better.

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