How Do You Know Somebody Loves You?

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Do you think you really EVER know whether somebody loves you or not OR do you just have to “take it with Faith”!?

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2 Responses to How Do You Know Somebody Loves You?

  1. matag0t says:

    I’m going to guess it might be different for everyone depending on what their experiences have been. Faith would be believing without any proof as I understand it. Having said that:

    My mother and father adopted me, and they have never once taken for granted raising a child. I hear too many folks complain about their children, and it burns my tookus. There are good folks out there that can’t have children. There are devoted couples out there who aren’t even allowed to adopt. I know without a doubt that my parents love me unconditionally. No faith required there.

    As far as a spouse goes; I know the one I have now loves me. She has to, to have put up with all my shenanigans. This is the first “significant other” I have never doubted. Again, no faith required for this one either.

    So I’m gonna say, for me – the few folks closest to me = no faith required; just know they love me without any doubt; they prove it just about every day, and in some cases, my entire life. And it is reciprocal.

    • So for you, it is actions that let you know those people love you. And that’s the point. You show people that you love them. And logically the next question is how do you do that? Tell us the ways!
      Loving unconditionally is very hard to do…………few people are able to love with out conditions that require us or them to do something to “earn” that love. “Sometimes you have to let those that you love go if you love them unconditionally. If they come back to you it is true love, etc.” Books have been written about that and I for one believe it is true.
      Anybody interested in the parable of the train?

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