People In Your Life That Don’t Stay

When do you know how to let some people in your life go?

Why do they need to go? How do you feel? How do they feel?

Change for most people is something they don’t want……… moves them out of their comfort zone. So when it is time for a change, somebody has to initiate it……………..rock the boat………..shift the focus!

Why are people in our lives in the first place?

Lots of questions above………….they are there to make you think…………….not for me to give you the answers!

But think about this………….if we are here on earth to learn then in order for us to learn there must be lessons to learn from. Once we learn each lesson, we need another to move onward and up! If things always stay the same, then there are no opportunities to learn once we’ve learned the ones we have.

We are born and we die. In between many different people come and go in our lives. And the key word here is “leave”. We are alone when we are born and will be alone when we die.

Don’t expect everyone to always be with you. They come to either learn a lesson from you or for you to learn a lesson from them! It’s a constant life of change. When people leave, bless them and let them go. Be ready to accept another person or persons into your life to fill the void.

We can learn something from everybody. Either something we want or don’t want. It helps us to figure out what we truly are and what we really believe.

Life is change! Deal with it!

About Life's Lessons- Last Times

A gentleman having traveled down many roads. I've made my life easier by reading books by other people who have had trips down different roads than I have. I want to help others by sharing my efforts to understand change in ways they might understand and benefit from. Life is good...............just not always easy! Author, 4 short plays Actor, 2 movies, Board Chair of Local Theater , Gardener, Barbershop Quartet member
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2 Responses to People In Your Life That Don’t Stay

  1. Gail M. Riegelmayer says:

    Very true words. I can’t help but wonder what happened that prompted this posting topic. Hmmmmm. Gail

    • As always I draw blog entries from “real life situations” as you suspected.
      1. We have had a “yardman” for 4 years (good person, great worker, many health issues, many bad life choices, etc.) We tried to mentor and be supportive by gifting and “paying really good wages”!
      Long story short. When we become enablers instead of supporters it is time to change the scene. We blessed him and let him go.
      2.So many people when they lose a loved one…spouse or long time companion… keep true to that person’s “being” and never allow another person into their life. Such a waste! There are many many people that we can live with, love and enjoy and enrich our lives with that to not do so is tragic!
      Thank you for commenting. We bloggers sometime wonder if people actually read what we post!

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