Prince Lestat and The Irin Chronicles: A Review

Anne Rice and the Vampire Chronicles are legendary….about 13 books have been published and after several years of other books she has completed a MASTERPIECE in tying all of the books together with the monumental Prince Lestat, that also sets the stage for another series of great books.

For those of you who are fans of Anne Rice you know what a great writer she is. She has created a group of “beings” that are different in many ways and yet very much like ourselves! Her style is legendary. This “tribe” is different or are they? The part like us was missing but was it really? And what exactly is it? Perhaps the soul?

I believe that Anne Rice brought the idea of vampires out of the dark and put them into the modern world as a vehicle to allow us to look at ourselves and question who and what we are! Thanks be to you dear Anne!

Elizabeth Hunter and the Irin Chronicles and the Elemental World books and others by Ms. Hunter are about vampires and are extremely well written with fast page turning action and much more sensuality and cannot be directly compared to the books written by Anne Rice, BUT of all of the other authors out there that are writing about vampires, these two ladies are the very best in my mind!

The only way to really appreciate these books it to start with the very first books in the series and read them straight through. It will take you a long time, but think of the many hours you’ll have a great book in your hands to sit by the warm fire with or to take to the beach on a summer day!!!

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