Karin Fossum, Norwegian author, Another Great Scandinavian Writer!

As I’ve said before, it all started with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! I figured that there had to be other great writers “across the waters” and I’ve found at least 7 so far……….and I’m sure there are many more. There is just something about the mystery of the unknown terrain and the different writing styles of the authors!

It’s been a long time since I started a book and literally could not put it down! And for those of us who read a lot, that is like finding a golden nugget!

I’ve read 4 books now by Karin Fossum and all four are real “page turners”! HE WHO FEARS THE WOLF, DON’T LOOK BACK, THE WATER’S EDGE are some of the earlier books in the series about inspectors John Sejer and Jacob Skarre.  These give you an understanding of the background stories of the central characters in all of the books.

As much as styles varie among great authors, within the category of murder mysteries so do vary the themes of the different series. Karin Fossum has great insights into the psychological minds of the murders and also the victims and the reasons both arrive at the same location and time to make the events happen.  Reading each of Fossum’s books enlightens the reader with reasons why people are what they are and why they react as they do with the prospect of understanding leading to prevention.

If you want a series of books to latch onto with heart, body and soul……….start now with He Who Fears the Wolf………….and continue on until you have to wait in line for the next hard copy to be released!

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