Walking with The Devil (The Killing…..”Who Killed Rosie Larsen?”) A Series Review

One of my previous blogs was titled “The Devil Wears Many Hats”….I plan to repost it after I post this addition to the topic  of “why evil is so tempting and successful under the wings of the Devil!”

I also made a statement of how great season 1 of “The Killing” was so far and that I planned on seeing seasons 2-4…………ah! But that was BEFORE I had completed season 1!!!

I really became disenchanted when I got to the end of season 1 and the murder not only was not solved, I had had no indication that it wouldn’t be. So I looked up the details on the website and found out that “somewhere in season 2 the murder would be solved”………………..well it was! And in the very last episode of season 2!!!!! I also found out that a lot of other people were upset about the way the whole thing was played out!

I ordered season 2……………….it came in and when I started it I noticed that the soundtrack was not in sync with the dialog on the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And THEN I found out that the murder would be solved but only in the last episode!!!! I’m going to try to get another copy of season 2 and return this bad copy. I also found out the company only prints a copy when they get a request to purchase season 2……..don’t know about season 3-4………..but I won’t be watching those anyway.

So the reason is not that I can’t get a good copy of the other episodes….that might be possible but I’ve decided I don’t want to watch any more   “DARKNESS”!!!! 

I equate The Killing with “walking down the road hand in hand with the devil! The acting is fantastic, the story line is so compelling that I  “binge watched” the entire season 2!, you really care about the characters and you are so determined to learn who murdered Rosie that you lose all sense of good common sense! Yeah……….like binge watching!

Did I feel better when I found out who killed an 18 year old school girl? NO!!!! I just felt used! Dirty! I had spent all of that time and money watching a TV series that left me with nightmares! I hated the way the producers had fooled us by making the murder last through 2 seasons!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure they knew we would all want to know badly enough to buy season 2……….but fool me once shame on me!!!!! Fool me twice….now that’s not nice.

Reminder…………if you walk with the Devil…………you will be burned! If you walk with the Devil…….you will wake up in the dark alone…..If you walk with the Devil…………..you aren’t walking in the Light……….and that just isn’t right!

Take my advice……………..no matter how good the Devil looks……………..or  whatever he promises………he doesn’t have your best interests to heart!


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A gentleman having traveled down many roads. I've made my life easier by reading books by other people who have had trips down different roads than I have. I want to help others by sharing my efforts to understand change in ways they might understand and benefit from. Life is good...............just not always easy! Author, 4 short plays Actor, 2 movies, Board Chair of Local Theater , Gardener, Barbershop Quartet member
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1 Response to Walking with The Devil (The Killing…..”Who Killed Rosie Larsen?”) A Series Review

  1. dgronius1 says:

    OK; you convinced me to stay away from “The Killing.” Thanks! My question is, what about all the other dark TV series and movies – some of which are brilliantly made and acted? “True Detective” comes to mind. How much darkness can I watch before it begins to affect me? Mahatma Gandhi said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” Does that mean I can only watch the Hallmark Channel?

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