Gardening in the South…….2015

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA2015-05-29 692015 002



2015-06-04 692015 002From early spring Tulips to early summer Crinums!

Crinums are “kin” to the Amaryllis bulb family. Amaryllis  bloom in April/May and then Crinums bloom from May on into September.

Amaryllis have 4 blooms per stem………….Crinums may have up to 19! Both bulbs are highly recommended for Southern gardens! The bulbs that are for sale at Christmas time are “Winter Amaryllis” bulbs that can be forced to bloom  and after the holidays save them until after frost and plant them in the yard (in the south)…………and they’ll bloom and multiply for years………….

Attaching pictures of our Tulip and Crinum2014-08-29 442015 004 examples! Actually there are no pictures of Amaryllis plants in this blog post. I’m learning how to add pics to my blog and “I got some learning to do!” So “give me some slack now and I’ll get better!”

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  1. dgronius1 says:

    Nice pics! Also really enjoying the crinums you gave me. Started with two: now have seven!

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