Why Are You Here?

Why are you here? Why am I here? WHY ARE WE HERE?

These questions come from one of the BIG ONES LIST! It is one of those universal questions that always come up in phylosophy  classes and churches and socials. There is no correct or wrong answer…………..just personal opinions!

Closely related to the BIG one, is: What is your purpose in life? And this is what most people think the question, Why Are You Here? “means.

So take a minute and think about it………….are you here to help somebody, something/or cause, all of mankind, or just yourself? After you have that question answered go back to


  1. PBS TV is presenting some really great episodes of Steven Hawkins Genius! One of the 1st episodes asks the question above. A series of experiments explain that because of the way the universe is designed opportunities for life on this planet was and is possible. SO IN A SENSE, THAT IS WHY WE ARE HERE! From that fact other questions arise; are we here by evolution or creation or both?
  2. ASK MARILYN (Parade Magazine/Sunday papers). Marilyn vos Savant is a renown “very smart person” whose opinions are regarded highly as not only being logical and ethical but also probable, says this: “It depends on your spiritual beliefs. If you have a religion, it provides the answer, But if you don’t believe in a god, the question contradicts your thinking.

Let’s say you are spiritual, you belive in a supreme being who made everything happen, including you and me. If you are not spiritual and don’t believe there is a god, then you must believe that we and everything else got here by some natural process such as evolution. If you are spiritual, that implies that you are here for a reason……..and then back to the question, “Why are you here?”.

It is something to think about…………..don’t worry whether or not your opinion is right or wrong…………..it is your right to think and opinion whatever you feel is right for you.

3. LET’S SAY THAT YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE YOUR GOD MADE YOU AND PUT YOU HERE. For what purpose are you here? Why did HE/She/They do that? Put you here now. What are you supposed to be doing here? What are two of the most important things that you must have to survive and thrive in this life to fulfill your purpose? Love and Hope.

HBO has produced a series for TV based on a story that shows what could happen after a situation like the RAPTURE takes place where thousands of people all over the world disappear one day ( THE LEFTOVERS)…now in its 3rd season. Not just “good” people are gone……………really bad and really good alike …………just gone.  It is a wonderful study of how the absence of HOPE AND LOVE can cause universal chaos. It is a little hard to watch. It might make you feel uncomfortable………..but it certainly will make you think about all of the above!!!!!!!!!  AND perhaps, that’s what the whole thing is about!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!






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