Scandinavian Authors/Lars Kepler/Stalker

It all started with The Hypnotist and now the 5th book in the series is here!

One of the best marketing tricks in the books is to keep people in suspense and wonder. When the first book came out it was a question as to WHO was the author. Here was a book that is an instant success and a mystery about who wrote the book! Turns out it is a husband and wife team………….check out the book cover for more details.

STALKER is one of the most riveting,  graphic, very disturbing books I’ve ever read! At over 500 pages long it is an in-depth study of how events in a person’s life can cause traumatic psychological damage!  It is disturbing and so entertaining that once you get into the first 100 pages, it is very hard to stop reading and wait until tomorrow to finish it to see who the murderer is! Many clues are given and the murderer could be any of 3 or 4 people…………….I did not pick the right one! And probably you won’t either!

I’ve read THE NIGHTMARE and THE HYPNOTIST and now plan on reading the other two.

LARS KEPLER will continue to write I’m sure………and let’s hope someone will buy the movie rights and make  great movies out of these books!

p.s. If you think you are alone and no one is watching you ……………………you are wrong! You know that feeling you get that makes the hairs on you neck stand up.?…there’s a reason for that. Someone is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now go buy the book!




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