Update 3/18/2017 Scandinavian Authors Camilla Lackberg and Mari Jungstedt

Note: In addition to “We mostly hit what we aim at.” (My most popular blog post) my blogs about Scandinavian Authors are running a close 2nd……….

If you are interested in previous blog posts go back over the last couple of years of blogs (found on the main blog page and listed by month and year) and you’ll find an analysis of many of the great Scandinavian  authors and their books.

Camilla Lackberg…….just read Buried Angels by her. Another great read about a murder and how Detective Patrik Hedstrom and his wife Erica Falck track down the killer. The whole series about these two characters and their families makes us care about these people…………the good ones who have to catch the bad ones and shows us why the bad ones are as they are. Good reading right down to the last pages!

NEW Author (to Me)!  Mari Jungstedt………………book one in a series (UNSEEN) about murders on Gotland (an Island off the coast of Sweden) and the Inspector, Anders Knutas and his investigative team) with the help of reporter Johan Berg catch the murderer! Jungstedt has a slightly different writing style from all of the other Scandinavian authors I’ve been following. I have to call her writing “extremely organized” because she lets you meet the characters and tells you all about them while telling the story line so smoothly that you don’t even realize she is doing it so well.

NOTE TO SERIOUS READERS OF Books that are not from the USA and are translations from other languages: Names are hard to pronounce, hard to remember, sometimes hard to tell if the character is male or female from the spelling of the name.

SOLUTION:  Get several 4 X 6 index cards……..make a list of all of the characters…………divided into groups 1. The characters in the book involved with solving the cases…….2. All the rest of the characters.

Keep the cards in the book as page markers and refer to them frequently!

I’ve ordered the next 3 books in the Gotland series………………will keep you posted!

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