Camino Island, John Grisham book review

A sleepy little resort town in Florida, quiet, reserved completely off the radar for drama and excitement………..until some mistakes and miscues elsewhere in the world pinpoint Santa Rosa as the center of the action!

Grisham builds the main players in the drama by their function in the mystery. One of the main themes is how do you justify lying and cheating and misleading people to trust you and then suddenly set them up for a fall? What kind of person does that make you? You actually care about all of the participants EXCEPT the “real” criminals.  But why do you?

You are ready to say at the end of the book……………”Well, I really don’t like the way it ended!” And then you end the book and feel all warm and cozy and say to the walls, “Yep, don’t know how he does it, but Grisham has done it again!”  And immediately you go online and buy the next JG book in line!












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A gentleman having traveled down many roads. I've made my life easier by reading books by other people who have had trips down different roads than I have. I want to help others by sharing my efforts to understand change in ways they might understand and benefit from. Life is good...............just not always easy! Author, 4 short plays Actor, 2 movies, Board Chair of Local Theater , Gardener, Barbershop Quartet member
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2 Responses to Camino Island, John Grisham book review

  1. Barbara LePoer says:

    Hi Richard,

    Loved your review. We’ll look for Camino Island.

    We have been trying to call Jennie on her cell phone, but her message box is full. Do you have another number for her? It makes me very nervous to be out of contact with her.

    Happy New Year!

    Barbara and Ken

    • Hello Barbara/Ken, Right now Jennie’s cell phone number is the only phone she has………….a good time to “catch her” is 10:30 in the morning and 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. She is settling in and Jennie Wren and Carol have been on vacations these last few weeks and have taken her out to meals and such. She did have a cold but I think it’s better. Will let her know you’re interested in talking to her IF I can track her down myself! She often forgets to charge her phone. Happy New Year!

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