“POSE” Caught in the Middle (with no where to go)!

To “pose”…..to model, attitude, bearing…a particular way of behaving adopted in order to give others a false impression or impress others.. pretense, masquerade, etc.

In this case “POSE” is the name of a TV series/documentary* on The FXHD Channel depicting a lifestyle that has been called “A Walk on the Wild Side”! The time period is the early 1980’s when the HIV epidemic was just rearing its UGLY HEAD! But earlier than that a segment of society had been in existence for a long time “off the radar” of most people. In fact, I was totally unaware if it until I saw this TV event (2018)!

In order to understand where this group “fit” in society imagine gay men on one side and gay women on the other and this “transgender group” in the middle! Neither of the other two groups accepted them, so they created a society of their own! As a means of giving their group meaning POSE was created as a gathering where all of their kind was accepted and appreciated and entertained by the POSE competitions that were held each month at a local meeting places.

Consider how this group felt! Nobody wanted or understood them and didn’t want them around.

In my previous blog I mentioned that CREATED EQUAL BUT NOT BORN EQUAL is a reality! Why is that? I’ll tell you MY thoughts on that in my next posting.

* The TV Series/Documentary was primarily created by transgender people. The acting and quality of the show is high quality! Watching this presentation will not only educate and entertain you, it will broaden your understanding of a huge segment of our society that is almost totally misunderstood.

** Related Movie, Dallas Buyer’s Club with Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto (Academy Award for best supporting actor 2014).



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