YOUNG show less LGBTQ Tolerance!

We (my friends and I) had a conversation just recently in which we remarked that the “younger generations” under 30 years of age seem to respect diversity of race much more than the population over that age. And that it seemed to suggest that other areas of diversity would see the same respect for all types of diversity, so it was a surprise to read the article (On the front page of USA Today 06.27.19) the above title!

The article  shows 4 age groups: 18-34 / 35-51 / 52-71 / 72+ 

The  overall tolerance level averages out at about 30%  BUT the biggest difference is the JUMP in the age (18-34) group………..from 24% in 2016 to 36% in 2018 !!!!!

What has caused the big jump in this age group?   Part of the answer is non-familiarity. As young people get older they are being exposed to all different types of people including LGBTQ people who are not not identified as lesbian or gay such as transgender. Unfortunately the unknown or different people in our society sometimes become the ones to be fearful of. Social media and other instant communication sources spread hate speech, etc. that create a toxic culture that envelopes young people that instill fear, alienation and permissibility that can sway impressionable young people in a community toward violence!

In one of my earlier blogs I ask the questions, “Does how we look matter? What we wear, physical appearance, how we act in public? Do they matter?”. Another question, “How do you change the way people feel about you?” Think about it! The answers are self evident. *

* Facts and figures courtesy of USA TODAY June 27, 2019


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11 Responses to YOUNG show less LGBTQ Tolerance!

  1. themikefrazier says:
    • The Dallas Buyers Club is a movie that everybody should secure and watch. 2013 with Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner. It shows the government’s attitude and that of the general population. For many that hasn’t changed. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. themikefrazier says:

    Mindfulness & mindset programs? It’s a start.

    • I agree but who wants to get involved? Think about it. A lot of LGBTQ people today consider it “dangerous” to be open about who and what they are. Have you seen POSE on the FX channel? Season One was about the early 1980’s. The season now in progress (2) is set in the 1990’s New York.

      • themikefrazier says:

        I must admit, I haven’t. Beyond the need to be accepted is the understanding that not all will accept you. Tolerance is too often mistaken for acceptance. I can tolerate so much… acceptance? … well, that’s up to me and not to be forced. This all starts with the individual… their mindset and how they allow the outside (externals) to influence the internals. (A crash course in stoicism, perhaps?) The more government and other groups try to force acceptance, the more people will push back. It’s like the word mandatory in “mandatory diversity training”, etc… studies show the word “mandatory” is a brick wall. We cannot mandate acceptance, but we can ask for tolerance. The rest is a slow climb. Honestly… does it matter that all accept us? The answer is a resounding no. It’s when we derive our self worth from acceptance that we suffer most.

      • Acceptance is not required but tolerance and a guarantee of safety and the right to pursue happiness is by law a must!

      • themikefrazier says:

        It’s up to people like you to drive change.

      • People “like me” have been trying to be a positive force in attaining change all of my life. It takes all kinds of people and all kinds of methods, Methods of “in your face and you will accept me” don’t work with many groups of people and it takes a lot of patience and fortitude to “be an example of the other side of the coin”. The old warriors get old, lay down the gauntlet, and die off. Tolerance can be taught as well as love and acceptance. The earlier the lessons begin the more successful the cause.

  3. themikefrazier says:

    The disconnect is real. The numbers undeniable. Now WHAT will we do about it? I’d say this runs much deeper than most wish to go.

    • I don’t know and am running out of energy.

      • themikefrazier says:

        No doubt, it is a true challenge. But how many have the ability to make a positive impact? Or care to.. just for doing the right thing? Stay the course. I believe the message is being twisted by many (especially of the liberal/social ilk) for political purposes and social gain… rather than helping folks deal with the very personal and psychological issues associated with being “different.” The studies don’t lie..the statistics don’t lie. Traditional and social media… mehhh.

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