Eleanor wasn’t sure if she was dreaming, had been dreaming or should be dreaming! Her mind was foggy and she wasn’t sure where she was. The voices sounded faint and far away. And then someone said, “Eleanor, focus child! ” All of a sudden in her mind she replied, “Just shut up you old man, you don’t know me!”And he came right back at her with, “Oh yes, I do young lady and you are out of line!” Eleanor straitened up her back and thought…Where am I and why am I acting like this!? She took 3 deep breathes and felt the air around her gently wash away the fog in the air and in her mind. As she stood there everything about her and the surroundings shifted to find her standing in front of a panel of 6 mature stately looking individuals very focused on looking directly at her. Her only reply was, “Oh my!”

The scene was a stalemate, them looking at her and her looking at them.

The “leader of the old people pack” stood up and said, Well, WAS IT?” Ellie, as her family and friends knew her looked up at him and innocently said “Was it WHAT? The room was deathly quiet. Then the elder said, “She is not ready, who called this meeting?”

The next thing Ellie knew was that she was a young woman now instead of the 8 year old that she vaguely remembered standing in front of a panel of old people. She was in a garden by a beautiful waterfall with birds singing and the first thing that popped into her mind was, you have got to be kidding me….NOW I am sitting the the garden of Eden?

Michael said to the family, give her some time. She’ll come around. It ended very suddenly and she needs to rest a little more before she goes before the council again.

In the meantime……. Ellie found herself standing in front of a chapel looking building with two huge red doors at the top of 16 stone steps. When she got to the top step a bell tinkled and the doors slowly opened revealing an entrance chamber. A young man dressed in bright green clothing greeted her calling her by name. “Welcome Ellie, we have been expecting you. The council believes you need to stay with us a while to rest and renew you spirit energy. Your life on Earth ended quite suddenly and you weren’t expecting it. You needed to experience that kind of death and for that reason you were not aware that it was about to happen. In addition your sudden death gave many others experiences that they needed to have and their souls appreciate your allowing them to join in on your demise. Come on in and walk all the way back to the other side. Let the healing lights warm and restore your spiritual well being.”

3 Earth months later….

Ellie felt great! Her time spent in the Healing Temple was well spent! She was ready to take on the counsel again. And magically here she was in front of them just like the first time, except this time she knew why she was here. The Leader asked the same question he had the first time, “Was it worth it?” Without thinking she said “Yes! it was worth it!” and immediately Ellie was back in the garden where she had been before. A young man came and stood directly in front of her and smiled. “I have missed you Ellie! Let’s go for a walk and you can tell me all about it.” Ellie stood up and gave him a big hug and said, I’ve missed you too John and I want to hear all about your time on Earth too. I know we never met on Earth this lifetime, but we both agreed that wasn’t possible with such different lessons we needed to learn about.”

Epilogue: John and Ellie belong to the same Cosmic Family Group. They are not soul mates but have shared many lifetimes together in many different roles. They are very close friends with Elizabeth and Mark who belong to another Cosmic Family Group near by. Mark and Ellie are as close to the definition of soul mates as they can be but translations of human terms back in Heaven are just not exact.

Mark and Ellie are planning on incarnating on Pandora soon to raise a huge family and have a vacation of sorts. Several really tough lives in a row deserves a really easy one once in a while! But then, that is another story! OR a BOOK!?

Note to readers, It is easy to follow and to leave comments and or suggestions for topics that I might use to add to my blog entries. Please do.

About Life's Lessons- Last Times

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