Success With Roses, and YES You Can! Roses for the Faint of Heart!

Until the last few years, the average person didn’t have much luck growing roses. The main reason for that was they didn’t have enough time to water, fertilize, spray for insects/black-spot, etc. And then it was still almost impossible for “everyday” gardeners to be successful!

Then along came the wonder roses, Knock Out Roses! Almost disease and pest free they have allowed even the faint of heart rose lovers to grow respectable beauties in their own gardens.

The Knock Out Roses come in red and pink (single and double petal blooms), yellow, rainbow, and a new one that’s called “blush” by some nurseries. The reds do the best! Buy the biggest pot planted roses you can find and dig the holes big and deep and use the special potting soils you can get at your local nursery!

Full sun for 6-9 hours a day will give you the best blooms. Feed them with 10-10-10 fertilizer or use the special rose fertilizer made by Bayer in the dark blue containers.

Blooms will be the biggest in the early spring and the late fall. Here in the South, the hot days of July and August make for smaller blooms………….but with the cooler weather comes the return of the larger buds and blooms.

Give it a try! You can do it!

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