Update, Proof of Heaven Book Club

WOW! Response has been phenomenal!

The book club (Proof of Heaven Book Club) has no official name yet………..but our purpose is to be a forum for questions about death and dying and NDE’s!

As we all know, there are “certain proofs” of very few things! Perhaps none! BUT we can explore our ideas and thoughts and worries and questions without judgments and condemnations!

Notice below…………a very well-known man recently died……….one that we should all be thankful for! His words in his final years should be noted!

In the paper this morning: 

Nobel laureate,  Charles H. Townes, laser co-creator speaks of strong faith: died recently at 99 years of age, “My own view is that while science and religion may seem different, they have many similarities, and should interact and enlighten each other.” Born in 1915 to Baptist parents who embraced an open-minded interpretation of theology. His monumental breakthrough: “came to me in the tranquil morning hours, the solution to the problem suddenly appeared to me in a moment of religious revelation”.

This dovetails with our discussions yesterday. 

Challenge: We discussed what might have happened to Dr. Alexander’s wife after the book/major life changes brought on by the books. See what you can find about what happened and hopefully how happy she now is.

My thought: The situation could have brought them closer together not drive them apart…………why didn’t it? Theory and facts?


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