Book Review: The Hunger Games Versus The Queen of the Tearling

I’m always interested in a book/series when a reviewer says, “The next Hunger Games”!!!!

After finishing The Queen of the Tearling, it’s evident you can’t compare the two! The Hunger Games is totally believable and The Queen of the Tearling borders on fantasy.

THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING, is extremely well written! It will not replace The Hunger Games franchise as the next big thing! It might make a good movie but it will not make the big money as a movie franchise. The books in the series however, will do very well as sales go. So why won’t the new series take down the old one?

1. The Hunger Games has a love triangle. The Queen of the Tearling isn’t so far….book 1

2. The Hunger Games is totally believable.  3. Fantasy loses out to reality every time. 4. The heroine is good but she is no Katnese (sp)? 5. Nobody yet has topped the “Hunger Games”! And at least 3 big sales contenders have tried so far.

I’ve finished book 1, book 2 comes out in June/2015 3. out later…….and note both book heroines names start with a “K”……………..

I plan on ready the complete series because book one is well written and it has a very good storyline. It also has some humor and many “lessons to be learned”! You will begin to really care about “Kelsea” and the Yearlings and want to find out just how far she and they can go in “bringing back the old/new world after the “crossing”!

Get it! Read it and debate me!  I dare you!

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