Book Review, The Collector Series by Chris F. Holm


Every once in a while we all find a strange, unusual, crazy but fun book by a “new to us” author. Chris Holm has created what he calls “fantastical noir”! He says, “Gonzo pulp, urban fantasy, paranormal mystery and maybe part science fiction.”

After reading the first two books I call it a very interesting storyline about good and bad people caught up in a war between Heaven and Hell and the demons in the middle! What keeps you reading is “caring about the characters”. Ordinary people make deals with the devil/demons not necessarily for fame and glory but to save a loved one. What happens to them afterwards is where the story line picks up. Are they doomed to Hell forever…………why are they? ….what are they? OR will they find a way of redemption and regain the Grace of God and the Angels!? I’m REALLY pulling for Sam to make it back!

The reading is fast paced! I can see a movie or a TV series based on these books!

For those of you with an adventurous spirit………read the first book….you will either like it and move on to the others in the series or hate it and send me a really strong comment on my blog!









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