#5 Lesson Learned in 2015

#5 LESSON LEARNED IN 2015 (and the last for 2015)

This one is really a “doosie”…………we think that everybody would want our stuff…….living or dead! WRONG!  They don’t want your stuff, your money but not your stuff. They like, collect, live with and crave things (stuff) that they like….so when you die……….pretty much, people just want your money!

That’s why;  1. A lot of people leave their things to charity instead of people in the family or not. Advantages: donations can lower the estate taxes and therefore make the “leavings” (and money) add up to more for their memory and putting the money where THEY want it and not the government. 2. Young people today want to restore Mustangs or Corvettes or whatever they grew up with……….people of other ages collect and enjoy things different every 10 years (decade) SO what is important to us is not necessarily what is important to other generations. We collected china and silver…………youngsters to us couldn’t care less about formal dinners, etc…..stainless steel is plenty good for them (unless you are super rich and want to prove it.)……..and that is only 1% of the population so you get my point!

So what are we gonna do?  Ideas: 1. Donate to charities and foundations(money and things) that they can use the money generated to continue museums and TV (PBS), etc. 2. Give items away to people in or out of the family that want to continue the tradition of saving certain items. 3. Not wait until we die to distribute “things”…………..do it along. Share money, things now and watch the people enjoy it while we are alive….after we’re dead……..we won’t care………by hey, now we do!

It is hard sometimes to realize we won’t live forever……..and some people don’t ever want to think about it……….but we want to plan ahead and make the life and death issues easy now and then.

That’s my story and I’m stick’n to it!







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A gentleman having traveled down many roads. I've made my life easier by reading books by other people who have had trips down different roads than I have. I want to help others by sharing my efforts to understand change in ways they might understand and benefit from. Life is good...............just not always easy! Author, 4 short plays Actor, 2 movies, Board Chair of Local Theater , Gardener, Barbershop Quartet member
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