Which One Works and Which One Doesn’t?



Assimilation works! Segregation doesn’t!

Segregation! Many attempts have been made since the beginning of time to “keep the good from the bad, the hot from the cold, the ripe from the rotten, the white from the black and vice versa.”

Going literally back to the beginning of time, after GOD made the Heavens and the Earth and all that in them is…………….HE gave charge to his Angels to populate the newly created “world”. We all assume that everything just popped up and was perfect within one or two days………well, a week at the most! But, that just isn’t the way it happened!

The task of populating the earth proved to be much more difficult than the Angels had anticipated. Each new world had different conditions that had to be met before “beings such as animals and species of higher intelligence” could exist and thrive and multiply.

So the task was assigned and began to take shape…………The Angels decided that they would try out 5 different types of intelligent beings and place them at different places with different living conditions and monitor them to see which group did better. They would give the different groups 5 Earth years to “live as best they could” and then evaluate each group to see if changes had been made within the groups. The story goes on for eons but the bottom line was, the groups that did the best did not isolate themselves from their neighbors but rather remained friendly with them to the extent of intermarrying and creating alliances for protection and enjoyment.

There is so much in the news these days about groups fighting each other as nations, religions, and gangs, families, etc. Where will all of this lead us? It could lead us to annihilation………….and perhaps that has happened many times before: “There is nothing new under the sun.”

If God made us all in His image then we all are part of the whole………………no one is greater than another so why segregate…..for any reason……………..live and let live and work together for the common good. “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men!”












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A gentleman having traveled down many roads. I've made my life easier by reading books by other people who have had trips down different roads than I have. I want to help others by sharing my efforts to understand change in ways they might understand and benefit from. Life is good...............just not always easy! Author, 4 short plays Actor, 2 movies, Board Chair of Local Theater , Gardener, Barbershop Quartet member
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  1. Gail M. Riegelmayer says:

    Amen Brother!


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