New Blog Series/Getting what we want! (1)

O.K., I said that if we got at least 3 of my regular blog followers interested in a new blog interest series (Getting what we want!) I’d add it to the regular blog so that more people can see it and decide it they want to follow. Well, we got the 3+ almost instantaneously! So this will be the beginning………….this is #1 and each will be numbered and titled, Getting What We Want!

Actually, “getting what we want” is a GROWING IN SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING and “growing in spiritual understanding requires ongoing practice….it is a lifetime journey that never ends” Daily Word……as the Universe is forever expanding………so is the need  for learning new things.

In order to learn how to get what you want you must know how to do it! And you have to believe that you can do it.  (The old saying, If you think you can or can’t do something you’re right.) It really is almost that simple.

RIGHT NOW YOU NEED TO DECLARE, “I AM A QUANTUM THINKER!”……….don’t worry about what that means right now…………..that’s what we’re going to be learning:

How to leave the old physics (Newtonian, apple falling from the tree) behind and learn the new physics, Quantum Theory (Everything is connected (like a web or matrix) and we live in a world of infinite possibilities!)

Using the old physics (to lose weight) you would rely on cutting down on calories, exercising more, taking pills to reduce water content, etc. surgery………..usually takes a long time. Using the new (quantum theory) you would picture yourself as you want to be, define exactly what you want to be, believe that you can achieve it, bless the process and be thankful for it taking place.(The whole universe will start working on getting you what you want.) This way actually can be quicker because you don’t limit the many different forces that can work in your favor to bring you what you want. I can hear you know………….WHAT! ?   BUT be patient…………Remember you have to collect the bricks before you can build that brick building.  WE ARE GOING TO LEARN THE PROCESS BY LEARNING THE BASICS FIRST.

ONE of the first bricks is:  Define exactly what you want? Do you want a car, or do you want a RED car. Do you want air conditioning? How about a really neat sound system? What about the type of tires? And on and on……….BE SPECIFIC!

Do you want a new love in your life? How about a new job? Remember, we live in a Universe of infinite possibilities.

The First assignment is to decide and define exactly what you want to change in your life.

Send questions to ( I will answer questons individually and private unless the asker doesn’t mind me using their question as an example without using their name.)












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