The Seth Project June 19/2018….the end of PHASE I

Opening a “Can of worms”!  The following discussion is “my opinion“. Your opinion is just as important and as right as mine is. Read mine and then decide what yours is. I offer mine to challenge you to think about your own opinion.

What is religion versus spirituality to me?

RELIGION is an organized body of beliefs, customs, support systems that believe in one GOD.

SPIRITUALITY is the belief in one GOD and that each human body has an eternal soul that never dies. In death, the human body is cast aside and the soul returns to the CELESTIAL where all creation takes place. REINCARNATION ( living many lifetimes instead of just one)  is a part of this system of beliefs. Many of the religions of the world to include Christianity have believed in reincarnation for thousands of years. When the “modern” versions of the Bible were being prepared many sources that referenced reincarnation were removed and classified a heretical. It was feared that if people believed that they had many chances to “get things right” they wouldn’t be so easily controlled by the “religious churches” in the “now”. Don’t believe me? Google it, “Parts of religious teachings that were removed or left out of the sources considered for the new and latest Bibles”.

Based on what you believe topics such a prayer, meditation, healing and life after death will mean different things to you and others.

PHASE I  (Complete/ June 2018) of the Seth Project was directed at learning about hypnosis techniques and how they can be used for the healing of the body, mind and soul. Hypnosis and Meditation are closely related in working with the subconscious mind in age regression techniques.

PHASE II of the Seth Project (Begins July/2018) will continue with hypnosis techniques and other methods of attaining altered states of consciousness such as neurofeedback and music. It will also follow our adventure into “reading the Akashic Records”.

Blog entries for a while will address some of the many topics that came up during our PHASE I of The Seth Project.

Questions and Comments are welcomed, either here on the blog or




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