ROAD TRIP-Branson, Missouri /June/2018

From East GA it is an 18 hours vehicle trip best made into 2-9 hour days. There is not an easy flight path to there either so you really have to want to go from the east or west coast of the USA  to make the trip.

Our trip was for a Model A Ford car show and swap meet, so for us it was worth the efforts!

I remember hearing about Branson for many years. The BIG stars of Country and Western music and other BIG name stars built play houses there and visited with some regularity. Everybody wanted to go to Branson!

I don’t know what I expected. I really hadn’t seen many pictures but something like Las Vegas comes to mind. It’s not fair to judge a place on “what my mind expected”, so I won’t. The big stars don’t go to Branson on a regular basis anymore………….I don’t think. There are a lot of good shows and LOT of tribute shows. But you can find those anywhere. So check out schedules before driving long distances.. I will say I was disappointed.

Food on a road trip is always  a challenge. One of the  most “eye-opening” incidences was when we stopped at a McDonald’s for a quick drink and inside the door we stood facing a robot like kiosk. We were told that to order (get served) we would have to do it through the Kiosk. So, I pulled the “I’m too old to do that, can’t you help me please” routine!  IT WORKED BUT the young lady told me, “If my manager was still here you would have had to use the kiosk or not be served.” At the grocery store I finally gave in and learned how to check myself out………we had 10 check out stations and now we only have one………….only handicapped will get to go through those isles. MY! MY! THE WORLD IT IS A CHANGING!

Chick-fil-A is the best option for those in a hurry…, clean, good buy, polite, good quick food. Longhorn and Outback Steak Houses and Waffle Houses are consistent on the road. The Raddison Hotel/Convention complex was a good place to stay.

BUT if you live close by (under 500 miles) it still should be a good experience for children and old folks alike.

AND if you do go, 10 miles from Branson is a place called TOP OF THE ROCK PRESERVE that showcases the majestic beauty of the Ozarks! (straight off the brochure) :)! Remarkable restaurants  (Osage and Arnie’s Barn), world-class golf (YES, REALLY), Chapel of the Ozarks, Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail……..all at Big Cedar Lodge. SAVE UP YOUR MONEY, and take plenty of bags with you and you’ll have a ball! BASS PRO has some connection with it so you know it is done in real style and grace!




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