Cosmic Families! Life after death?

If you google “Cosmic Family”, the first thing that pops up is a name of a video game that is supposedly for younger children!  REALLY? I was not aware of that! 🙂 

A video game is not what I was talking about!

When people lose their loved ones by dying  major questions come up about it. Is life on Earth all there is? Is there some part of us that survives death and stays “around”? After death where do we go!? What do we do? Do we get to come back and “do a make-over”? 

First, let’s make some assumptions for this discussion.

1. You believe in life before birth and after death. Whatever you are, you were created as a soul by a Supreme Being and existed before you were born in a human body and  you will exist forever.

2. You have always had an interest in where we go after we die and what we do when we get there.

I always thought that after we die and “go to heaven OR sadly to hell” we would be DOING something. If we wound up in the fires of hell it was pretty obvious that it wouldn’t be a lot of fun and probably be a lack of water. And then there were the rumors of the wonderful streets of gold, harps and singing Angels, beautiful fields and flowers and just continuous enjoyment! I also thought that after a while all of that might get boring. Some thought me blasphemous for some of those thoughts! 🙂

O.K. so after almost 50 years of reading and studying I have finally collected all of my thoughts over the years and decided that I believe that THIS is what happens to EVERYBODY when we die. YES, WE ALL GO To Heaven! There is no hell because Hell is here on Earth and it is of our own making, not GOD’s!

When we die, our soul leaves our body and leaves the Earth plane. A “guiding Light” meets us and helps us move into the realms of what we all consider to be Heaven. That “guiding light” is usually one of our “guides or teachers” who is always with us whether we are in a human body or in some other form somewhere else. After we adjust to being without a body we settle down and are ready to meet our “loved ones, friends, teachers and advisors”. Eternal life is about continual learning.

There is organization in Heaven that allows for total happiness and continual growth of spirit. There a teachers, guides/advisors, friends and most importantly FAMILIES! As Heaven continues to grow, souls are continually being created. As souls grow and learn how to be co-creators with the Supreme Intelligence that we recognize as GOD, family is the foundation of the system. COSMIC FAMILIES.

Cosmic families are made up of 3, 5, 6 souls that make up a group that stays together and “grows up together”. The size and number of the souls may vary. The groups are connected to other groups of souls by 5 or 10 others that stay close to each other. Souls in one group can travel and learn together while staying in their primary groups or branch out and spend time with other groups.

When incarnating individual souls from one group may incarnate with those from another group, sometimes as a male or female, a mother or father, sister or brother, aunt or uncle, a best friend, teacher, and so on. By taking on different roles each soul can learn the different perspectives of each lifetime and lifestyle.  Members of a group or groups in a larger unit tend to incarnate together. Names such as “soul mates” are used to identify those souls more closely connected over the incarnations.

Reincarnation into a human body or some other vehicle on Earth or somewhere else is one of the greatest ways for a soul to learn. But learn what!? What do we have to learn? If Heaven is so wonderful and everybody is “supremely happy” why would anybody EVER want to leave?

My belief is this. In order to understand what a great existence it is to be with GOD and stay in Heaven, we must learn what it is like to NOT BE IN THE CONSTANT PRESENCE OF GOD! Once we learn and understand that we no longer have to or need to continue to reincarnate. We will then be able to move on up closer to GOD and continue to live and co-create with God and the Angels and other Supreme Beings. Jesus mentions these abilities that we will have in the Bible. 

On these journeys we are given the gift of FREE WILL, some call it The GRACE of GOD. We are given different bodies, different talents, suggested “plot lines” for our lives and even guides to help us out. “We can choose what we will, but live with it we must!”! There are no bad or wrong choices because all of them will allow us to learn lessons. Some choices will create harder lives but we don’t have to experience every situation by living it. We can read about it, watch somebody else live it and learn in those ways.

Living as a human being is a great gift. Make the most out of every lifetime.

“The bitterest tears shed over the graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone! Harriet Beecher Stowe

Some references:  The Urantia Book, Many spiritualist books, Journey of Souls, (Case Studies of Life Between Lives)/ by Michael Newton/Hypnotherapist, The Bible.

If anyone has a “deeper” interest in this topic let me know. I am available for discussions or as a source of materials for studies.

About Life's Lessons- Last Times

A gentleman having traveled down many roads. I've made my life easier by reading books by other people who have had trips down different roads than I have. I want to help others by sharing my efforts to understand change in ways they might understand and benefit from. Life is good...............just not always easy! Author, 4 short plays Actor, 2 movies, Board Chair of Local Theater , Gardener, Barbershop Quartet member
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3 Responses to Cosmic Families! Life after death?

  1. Brenda Rodenbaugh Thomas says:

    Good Morning and finally getting caught up with my e-mails as have been trying to concentrate in getting the Dining Room totally clean and organized since having to move everything out of it and several other rooms so that they could put down the new floors. What a mess taking up old flooring can be and the dust and dirt, man, you vacuum but after all the years, everything is dry and old and so more of a mess than we even could imagine. The Dining Room is DONE!! So this morning I decided to give myself a break and do e-mails and write a couple of real letters that require a stamp instead of cleaning and will start the Living Room this afternoon after lunch. I read your blog 3 times and am amazed that you have the same thoughts as me. I have over the years tried to talk with a few people about death and what our next path will be and have never found anyone who is even close to my beliefs and you know what, that is OK as we all have a right to our own opinion!! I just wanted to TALK, not Argue about it nor was I wanting to try to Change anyone’s mind, just interested in hearing what they thought. The conversations did not get far. My Dad always said from the time that I can remember that Hell was on Earth, that once we die, Heaven was where we were going and it would be Peaceful, Happy and we would be with all the souls of our Loved ones! I grew up believing him and still do. My Dad did not go to Church nor did he push his beliefs on anyone else. If asked, he would simply say how he felt and then would move on to another subject as like me, he did not want to get into an argument or a shouting match with anyone. I have had to say to a few people, “Let’s agree to disagree.” and move on. Like I said, I am not here to Preach but to listen and learn and my beliefs are my own. I have never been afraid of dying, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to die and leave all the ones I love but I also know we all die sooner or later and then our Homecoming is before us with God, Family and Friends. People have said what if there is nothing after we die, well that is certainly a possibility, I just don’t believe that. My Mom and Dad did not go to Church but for me, that is OK as well because I, too, believe we can Pray when and where we want and it does not have to be in a Church setting. I so look forward to your Blogs. Whether people agree with you or disagree with you, YOU make us think and want to know more!! Thank you for being YOU and for caring and sharing. See you all on Thursday and have a great day and week. We are off until Wednesday morning so Kent will work in the yard in the mornings because of the heat and then after lunch, will stay in and I am tackling all kinds of things including more boxes and totes of our Parents and my Aunt. The more I get rid of, the less stress I will have as this has been weighing on me since they died. I did not have time to deal with it all as we were cleaning 25 homes a week, yes, 25 and now being semi-retired, finally have the time to do it. Take good care and know I love you both dearly!! Huggies! Lil Sis 🙂

  2. dgronius1 says:

    Really enjoyed this post. I appreciate it when you go into “teacher mode.” I do have a question – or maybe a suggestion for a future post. You touch on the concept of free will vs. fate – equating free will with the grace of God, and that future lives come with suggested plot lines. I’ve always been confused by religious/spiritual people who explain everything that happens to them as “God’s plan,” as if their life is scripted and they are merely living it out. Seems to me that free will is always in play – as you say, make choices and live with them. But what about people who make truly horrible choices and inflict evil on others? After they die, they just reincarnate again and again until they learn what they need to learn? Or, do they lose their connection with God forever? And how does their cosmic family factor in? So many questions!

    • Life IS NOT SCRIPTED for us! Out of the realm of infinite possibilities we not only pick our bodies but we pick the “general plan for our lives”. Depending on what we choose, our life unfolds as we make choices. Free will is ours to make the choices. If we don’t like the the way our life is going, we can make NEW choices. It is OUR plan. Your question about making “truly horrible choices” is a good one! They will have to learn the lesson at some point that indeed it was a bad choice and they will have to correct it by living a lifetime to learn how? Perhaps as the victim of the crime. Now here is the good part, a really good friend OR Cosmic Family member might agree to live that lifetime with them as the perpetrator ( in order for somebody to learn the scenario must be set up).
      Love the questions! Bring them on!

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