The Legend of the “Talking Dolphins”

For generations the Legend of the Talking Dolphins was only a legend, until one weekend in late summer 2010 at the beach IT WASN’T!

As in most things, the harder you try to See It or Feel It or Do IT the less your chances are you will. That seems to be “bass ackwards”, but it isn’t………………so……

The beach house sits up on a hill that overlooks the artful sand dunes and sea oats  clusters that approach the long sandy beach in a hidden cove in the state of Maine. After being handed down for generations and renovated and cared for it was in excellent condition that summer. In addition to the cottage, the legend of the talking dolphins had been faithfully nurtured and maintained in great detail.

As the legend goes, Dolphins are at least as smart as humans and probably more so. They can communicate with humans by talking as humans do but they won’t unless humans earn their trust. The family that built the cottage loved the dolphins. One summer when one of the baby dolphins stayed in the shallow water as the tide was receding got stranded and was crying for help, the couple in the cottage heard the cries and ran down to the beach, lifted the stranded pup up and helped it get back into deeper waters. The next day when they went down to the beach, on the area in front of the last step of the stairs going down was the most beautiful piece of driftwood they have ever seen!  It was in the shape of a perfect heart! The next day when the couple was swimming in the deeper water while the tide was in they were sure they heard one of the dolphins say, “Thank you” as it slowing circled them. That summer was spent talking to the dolphins  using “human language”. When the stories of that summer were shared with friends and neighbors back home nobody believed them of course and so the legend was born.

5 generations later each summer spent at the beach was going to be THE SUMMER that the dolphin legend would be proved to be true!

(2010), John and Martha and their 3 kids had enjoyed the beach cottage for years after inheriting it from their grandparents. They faithfully renovated it and maintained the talking dolphin legend as was required by ownership. BUT they never really believed that any ancestor had ever talked to the dolphins. This summer it would be different!

The 3 teenage kids were typically energetic, indestructible, and careless. They didn’t notice the dark shark circling around them until one got pulled under the water. One of the other kids got hit in the stomach by a direct hit. Scared to death they started screaming and hollering for help. Martha heard their cries first and got John and then raced down the steps to the beach. Just as they got to the edge of the water the screaming stopped. Fearing the worst when they couldn’t see the kids anywhere, the worst possible outcome was expected.

All of a sudden the 3 frightened kids stood up slowly out of the water being completely encased in an air bubble! A dolphin head appeared out of the water and it looked like the dolphin was standing on it’s tail perfectly balanced upright. “Not to worry, they’ll be fine. The bubble protected them but they won’t remember it. Many years ago your ancestors saved one of ours and we are so thankful to be able to repay the favor!” Later that afternoon when John and Martha were talking to the kids they discovered that none of them remembered anything at all related to the dolphin topic.

So once again with no proof of it being true or false, The Talking Dolphins Legend  remains a legend.

What do you believe? Can Dolphins talk? Do they?

As for me, I have a deal with all creatures of the sea. You don’t come out of the water and I won’t come in!  The proof of the Legend is being left up to people like you! I do recommend that if you are serious about it, carry a portable video/sound recorder with you 🙂 but then somebody will scream PHOTO SHOP at you. So I’m betting on the side of the Legend lives on forever!!!!




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5 Responses to The Legend of the “Talking Dolphins”


    Great Legend. Sharon


  2. Gail Riegelmayer says:

    Howdy Yodamann!

    Did you make up that story? It was wonderful. I LOVE dolphins & never tire of seeing them out our windows or when I’m kayaking.

    Love to you & Don,


    Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse typos & brevity of message. Thank you.


    • YES, I did! I am exercising my creative brain! Keeping it as sharp as a razor. Reiki is raising my 3rd eye vibration levels. I get “ideas” in my head and then develop them and put them in “writing”. I write the whole piece and then go back and “fill in the blanks”. It is amazing! Thanks for commenting! Best and LOVE to you and Paul also!

  3. Brenda Rodenbaugh Thomas says:

    Just read your blog to Kent and we both BELIEVE!!! We both love Dolphins and watched a program the other night on dolphins so this was so nice to see today. It has all the ingredients of being a Children’s Book!!!! Might want to think about that. So nice to see you both today and have a wonderful Happy Dance Friday tomorrow. They really are intelligent animals and the more they are studied, the more they learn about them. Off to cook dinner and will talk soon. Love and Huggies!!!

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