The Night that Ann Danced With The Devil

Some people don’t believe that there is such a person as “The Devil”. Certainly, Ann was one of them until that night that she met him behind door #2. She was young and pretty and knew it. Thought she was smart and capable of taking care of herself but she wasn’t! It was really dumb to assume all of that stuff and go out and party by herself but she did!

One of Ann’s favorite places was a little joint down on the lower part of the town called Little Joe’s House of Surprises where the main attraction was a game called What’s behind Door Number 2? On weekends the crowds would pack the town trying to get into Little Joe’s. There had been rumors about there “being a little trouble down at Little Joe’s sometimes” but nobody paid any attention to those. After all where else would they go?

It was a warm summer night with just a sliver of the pearl white moon hanging in the sky. The area in front of Little Joe’s was crowded with people waiting to get in. Ann approached the crowd in her blazing hot red low neck dress that she appeared to have been melted and poured into. People made a path as she sexily walked on toward the front door in her red stiletto shoes. Just as she got to the steps up to the door a Tom Selleck* look-a-like stepped forward and took her hand to lead her into the room. Had Ann taken even a brief moment to think about the situation, she would have known that something was happening….But she didn’t!

As Ann stepped into the room the next game was just getting started. There was a hush of the noise in the room as she walked over to the announcer and said, “I’m next!” Nobody challenged her! Of course! And so the game began. Door number 1 always had a brand new car behind it. Door number 3 always had half a million dollars behind it. BUT door #2 was the surprise door. Most people were satisfied with either door number 1 or number 3. What door do you think Ann picked? Yep, Door number 2 was her choice! 

Congratulations Ann! You have just chosen Door number 2! Please step forward and get ready to open your prize door!

There was dead silence in the room. It was like all of the air had been sucked out. As Ann reached for the door handle she was suddenly chilled. The handle was warm as she slowly turned it to the left to open it. It wouldn’t open!  A voice from behind the door asked, “Are you SURE you want to open this door?” Ann being a little frustrated at this point yelled, “You damn right I am open the door!? The answer came back as the door slowly opened, “Step right in Miss Ann. Be my guest!” Had Miss Ann taken even a brief moment to think about the situation she would have known that something was about to happen, but she didn’t! 🙂

The same great looking guy that had stepped up to assist her into the game room took her hand in his and slowly pulled her closer to him. He kissed her on her forehead gently and slowly began to sway to the beautiful music that the orchestra was playing. Ann swooned and melted in his arms and was beginning to think she was in Heaven, but she wasn’t! As they danced he whispered in her ear, “How do you like your choice of Door number 2 Miss Ann?”  “Well so far, it is just like I died and went to Heaven”! The Devil replied and smiled, “Well you didn’t and it isn’t!”

AND so, if you are somewhere in the South and see an arrow pointing to a little joint called Little Joe’s House of Surprises and don’t even take a moment to think about the situation, Remember what’s behind Door # 2! UNLESS you really want to dance with the Devil! 🙂

* The Devil in disguise ( He never looks like he is supposed to! )



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A gentleman having traveled down many roads. I've made my life easier by reading books by other people who have had trips down different roads than I have. I want to help others by sharing my efforts to understand change in ways they might understand and benefit from. Life is good...............just not always easy! Author, 4 short plays Actor, 2 movies, Board Chair of Local Theater , Gardener, Barbershop Quartet member
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