The Legend of What happens in Heaven BEFORE we are born!

The instant we take that first breath here on Earth, we scream and hollow and act like we are shocked at what just happened. Here we are, all connected to somebody by this long cord-thing and then somebody cuts us loose and ties the cord in a knot!Shock!!! Shock!! Shock!!!! Birth on Earth!

This Legend takes place BEFORE then, in Heaven! Jack and Jill, twins, Soul Mates, One Boy, One Girl. And so it begins:

Jack was just getting out of one of the mid-level creation classes when he got a buzz on his “smart watch”. Jill was leaving the Heavenly Choir rehearsal and was just checking in;

Jill, “Jack, can you meet me for a quick meeting this afternoon?”

Jack, ” Sure, when and where? What’s up?”

Jill, “I just got word from the Re-entry Board that our application for Earth Re-entry has been reviewed and the next step is to meet for the details of our proposal plan. It has been scheduled for next week. We have a LOT to discuss! In the Garden by the Raintree by the waterfall mid-afternoon.”

Jack, “I’ll be there.”

The application details they submitted to the Board covered why they thought they were ready for Earth re-entry and what the detailed plans were for the next phase of their Eternal Upward Mobility. They had completed 2 lifetimes as identical twins as girls and wanted to live lives next as identical twin boys. Note: In subsequent lives they would have to split up as individual entities and explore life separately.

Jack and Jill had their meeting that afternoon and decided on specific spiritual topics that this next trip to Earth should address.

The next step after getting approval from the Re-entry Board would be in finding the exact human situations on earth that would provide the opportunities for them to complete the Earth Mission.

There are certain (human bodies and situations)at all times available for those ready to go back for re-entry. But the rules stipulate that when a soul wants to re-enter the Earth Realm it must utilize the available ones at that time or wait until more suitable conditions come about later. Sometimes this is a deal breaker. It is helpful to remember that eternity is forever so there is no rush or lack of other things to do in the meantime!

Let your mind wander about the thousands of combinations of parents, grandparents, economical and social situations possible. Putting a set of those together that would best fit the goals to be accomplished during a lifetime takes a lot of time and effort. At some point it gets down to this situation; pick out the ones available knowing they are not perfect and just handle what ever comes up in that life and deal with it. You’ll learn no matter what does or does not happen according to the PLAN!

Jack and Jill cleared all Boards and Agencies required for re-entry into life on Earth. They spent weeks reviewing the specifics of the journey: They were to be born into a family of middle of the road income and social status. Loving and devoted parents AND grandparents on both sides of the family lines. No special hardships were scheduled for this lifetime but one older autistic boy would be there and one genius, so not challenge free either.

Now keep in mind that All of these other people mentioned in the above paragraph have their own plans and goals to work on as individual souls. The plot thickens!

Jack and Jill met one last time before their appointment with their Mother in the hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

Jill, “Jack I’m a little scared this time! I’m not gonna do it if you aren’t there with me the whole lifetime! There are a lot of twist and turns and uncertainty involved with this lifetime we’ve chosen!”

Jack, “Too late to back out now, we’ve got all of these people to agree to be part of this journey. It wouldn’t be fair to back out now! Here, take my hand. You know how quick all of this happens once it starts!”

Meanwhile back in the waiting room Tom McNeil was patiently waiting with their other children and grandparents for the new additions to the family when the doctor and nurse came out each holding a baby in their arms. They were walking together extremely close….and the doctor said,”These two came out together holding hands so tightly that we can’t separate them yet. Not to worry. They’ll be fine after they calm down and relax a little. Looks like they didn’t want to loose each other during the trip. And everybody clapped and shouted welcome!!!!”

To some of you this may read like science fiction. To others it may seem to be just another made up story in the imagination of the writer. If you want further information about the topic of life after and before death and birth I suggest Between Death and Life, newly updated and revised edition by Dolores Cannon/Ozark Mountain Publishing

About Life's Lessons- Last Times

A gentleman having traveled down many roads. I've made my life easier by reading books by other people who have had trips down different roads than I have. I want to help others by sharing my efforts to understand change in ways they might understand and benefit from. Life is good...............just not always easy! Author, 4 short plays Actor, 2 movies, Board Chair of Local Theater , Gardener, Barbershop Quartet member
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