Do Animals Go to OUR Heaven?

Now this is a question that EVERY animal lover on Earth would like to have a definitive answer for!

Unfortunately, there really isn’t one!

But recently I found the best answer I ever seen written by one of the local ministers here, Cynthia Taylor. I will share some of her information:

You probably have heard of The Rainbow Bridge (that all of our beloved pets cross over when they go to heaven). Well, that is comforting to believe but what if you had some more “comforting news” to hang onto when you let them go to the bridge and watch them cross over?

  1. Billy Graham said, “God will prepare something for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he’ll be there too!”

2. C. S. Lewis said,”If a good sheepdog seems “almost human” that is because a good shepherd has made it so…” Elsewhere in his writings, Lewis commented that he thought that animals have a kind of soul, not like humans, who were made in the image of God but that animals, especially dogs, carried part of the “Divine Spark.”

3. From the Bible, Paul’s Letter to the Romans; 8 19-21

4. In a blog for Focus on the Family, Randy Alcorn,”It may well be that all creation includes animals!”

5. From the Bible, Ecclesiastes, “For what happens to the children of man and what happens to the beasts is the same…They all have the same spirit…all go to the same place.”

6. Episode from “The Twilight Zone” titled, “The Hunt” by Earl Hammer about an old man and his dog, Rip. They were on the Eternity Road and meet several characters that offer the old man paradise, but only he could come in. Rip could not enter. The old man kept turning them down because to him without Rip, it wouldn’t be paradise! It would be Hell! On down the road a piece he meets a really friendly face dressed in coveralls(an Angel)who says to him when the old man again refuses unless Rip can come in too, “Mr. Simpson, You ain’t far wrong, that is Hell! Heaven is up yonder a piece” .AND THEN the 3 of them, Rip included go on up to Paradise!

NOTE: Many thanks to Cynthia Taylor for her research work and sharing for others to find comfort in losing their precious creatures!

Of course all of us will have our own opinions about what happens when our physical self dies and our spiritual self goes back to heaven. AND THEN we will hear “The Rest of the Story”…….You older folks know what I mean by that. You younger folks, leave a comment/question and I’ll tell you.

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4 Responses to Do Animals Go to OUR Heaven?

  1. dgronius1 says:

    A really nice collection of thoughts about our beloved pets.Thanks for sharing this. Here’s another one: “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” – Will Rogers.

  2. Brenda Rodenbaugh Thomas says:

    And now, The Rest of the Story, know it well!! Yes, I have always believed our pets and other animals go to Heaven as well, why not believe that? They have feelings like we do and they give us so much love and only ask for that in return. When I was about 3 or 4 years old, my Mom and Dad bought a parakeet and within a few days I let it out of its cage and opened the door for it to go outside with all the other birds. When Momma found out what I did and that it might die, I told her that was OK because it would go to Heaven. I don’t remember any of that, it is what my Mom told me. Rainbow Bridge, real or not, has given so many comfort including me. Love your Blogs, keep them coming, always looking forward to what you write about next. Enjoy your weekend, love and hugs!!

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