At Last, the right Jack Reacher!!!!!AMAZON TO THE RESCUE!

LEE CHILD has written 20+ books about the character, Jack Reacher. 2 movies staring Tom Cruise. In the books, Reacher is 6 feet 5 inches tall and built like Hercules! Reveal alert!!! AMAZON has a new series on Prime that will make all of the Jack Reacher fans ecstatic!

The new series is true to the books and the supporting actors are great. I highly recommend the books and the new series!!

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“YES, It was worth it!” note to readers, I got a lot of requests to expand on the above comment in the previous blog entry. The Elder asked Ellie if her life had been worth it, and she replied so quickly and emphatically some readers wanted to know why she was so sure it had been a life worth living!

When I was writing the draft of the previous blog Ellie’s answer just shouted out at me……YES!!!!!! When I went back to read the entire blog again even I had to stop and think about it. We come into our lives with certain lessons we either need to learn or want to learn. Certain people in our lives are here to help us learn as we are here to help them learn. One of Ellie’s lessons to be addressed in her lifetime was the lessons of compassion and empathy for people who must face situations of sudden loss and missed opportunities. After her time in the healing temple when her soul was rested she had realized that her sudden death experience allowed her to personally feel the sudden loss of life on earth and also what all of the people she was sharing the lifetime with had to experience too. There were obviously many other lessons learned but that final one alone would have made the whole lifetime Worthy of Living. I made a list of the many lessons I’ve learned in this lifetime of mine. MAKE YOUR OWN LIST! IT JUST MIGHT SURPRISE YOU!!!

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Eleanor wasn’t sure if she was dreaming, had been dreaming or should be dreaming! Her mind was foggy and she wasn’t sure where she was. The voices sounded faint and far away. And then someone said, “Eleanor, focus child! ” All of a sudden in her mind she replied, “Just shut up you old man, you don’t know me!”And he came right back at her with, “Oh yes, I do young lady and you are out of line!” Eleanor straitened up her back and thought…Where am I and why am I acting like this!? She took 3 deep breathes and felt the air around her gently wash away the fog in the air and in her mind. As she stood there everything about her and the surroundings shifted to find her standing in front of a panel of 6 mature stately looking individuals very focused on looking directly at her. Her only reply was, “Oh my!”

The scene was a stalemate, them looking at her and her looking at them.

The “leader of the old people pack” stood up and said, Well, WAS IT?” Ellie, as her family and friends knew her looked up at him and innocently said “Was it WHAT? The room was deathly quiet. Then the elder said, “She is not ready, who called this meeting?”

The next thing Ellie knew was that she was a young woman now instead of the 8 year old that she vaguely remembered standing in front of a panel of old people. She was in a garden by a beautiful waterfall with birds singing and the first thing that popped into her mind was, you have got to be kidding me….NOW I am sitting the the garden of Eden?

Michael said to the family, give her some time. She’ll come around. It ended very suddenly and she needs to rest a little more before she goes before the council again.

In the meantime……. Ellie found herself standing in front of a chapel looking building with two huge red doors at the top of 16 stone steps. When she got to the top step a bell tinkled and the doors slowly opened revealing an entrance chamber. A young man dressed in bright green clothing greeted her calling her by name. “Welcome Ellie, we have been expecting you. The council believes you need to stay with us a while to rest and renew you spirit energy. Your life on Earth ended quite suddenly and you weren’t expecting it. You needed to experience that kind of death and for that reason you were not aware that it was about to happen. In addition your sudden death gave many others experiences that they needed to have and their souls appreciate your allowing them to join in on your demise. Come on in and walk all the way back to the other side. Let the healing lights warm and restore your spiritual well being.”

3 Earth months later….

Ellie felt great! Her time spent in the Healing Temple was well spent! She was ready to take on the counsel again. And magically here she was in front of them just like the first time, except this time she knew why she was here. The Leader asked the same question he had the first time, “Was it worth it?” Without thinking she said “Yes! it was worth it!” and immediately Ellie was back in the garden where she had been before. A young man came and stood directly in front of her and smiled. “I have missed you Ellie! Let’s go for a walk and you can tell me all about it.” Ellie stood up and gave him a big hug and said, I’ve missed you too John and I want to hear all about your time on Earth too. I know we never met on Earth this lifetime, but we both agreed that wasn’t possible with such different lessons we needed to learn about.”

Epilogue: John and Ellie belong to the same Cosmic Family Group. They are not soul mates but have shared many lifetimes together in many different roles. They are very close friends with Elizabeth and Mark who belong to another Cosmic Family Group near by. Mark and Ellie are as close to the definition of soul mates as they can be but translations of human terms back in Heaven are just not exact.

Mark and Ellie are planning on incarnating on Pandora soon to raise a huge family and have a vacation of sorts. Several really tough lives in a row deserves a really easy one once in a while! But then, that is another story! OR a BOOK!?

Note to readers, It is easy to follow and to leave comments and or suggestions for topics that I might use to add to my blog entries. Please do.

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Pandemic/world climate changes/cold and hot wars/world unrest/nuclear war threats/cyber attacks

People are reacting to all of these things in different ways. Activists/pacifists social media/individuals on TV and radio/politicians/preachers/teachers and on and on and on.

One of my favorite authors, Louise Penny teamed up with Hillary Rodham Clinton to write a book that really creates a novel of what this state of terror we are living in is like from two different sides of knowledge. Hillary knows first hand how our government operates and what goes on at the TOP. Louise has written 16 books about people and what makes them live and die for what they believe in. Put the two together and you have one of the best books I’ve ever read! I couldn’t put it down!


It changed my opinions about a lot of things and people!! AND IT SCARED MY PANTS OFF!


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The Legend of the Book of Regrets

The angel had been Margaret’s friend for a very long time. Every time she would get “down and out” Ariel would declare a time out and declare a sit down, “let’s talk this thing out right now! Most of the situations wound up concerning something that Margaret had either said or done that she regretted doing or not doing. Over the years these little talks were enough to keep her going and feeling good about her life. As the end of her life grew nearer she realized that her time to correct things was running out and she began to panic with doubts of being able to fix/correct situations before she would have to answer for them “on the other side”!

Ariel decided it was time to tell Margaret about the Book of Regrets. Not everybody got to hear about it before it was too late. As the legend was told Margaret was very excited to know that in the book there were different lives that she was living based on different versions of decisions she had made all during her life right there where she was.

The Book of Regrets could be found in a special library that Ariel could take her to during a dream one night. Margaret wanted to go right that minute but understood that a special trip like that would take some thought and planning.

A week later early one evening Ariel told Margaret that they would be allowed to go to THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY that night. No preparations had to be made but at 15 minutes to midnight Margaret got very sleepy and went immediately into a deep sleep. She woke up standing by Ariel at the front of a dark building that looked like a church with a steeple and stained glass windows. The two wide red doors were glowing with light and when they got up to the top step the doors slowly opened. Inside there were rows and rows of large books lining the many shelves that filled the inside of the building.

The librarian greeted them and explained how the library worked and how Margaret could learn how to change all of the regrets that she had made during her lifetime.

The lessons that Margaret learned from the trip made the rest of her life happier and more meaningful and also prepared her for the next journey in her soul trip back home.

NOTE: This legend was inspired by a book by an international bestselling author, Matt Haig…….THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY, 2020

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“What Difference Does It Make Now?!”

One of the most famous comments of the last 10 years. Matters not who said it, but a lot of discussion was created by it. And as it turns out, it made a huge difference then and it is still making a difference now!

We are talking about one comment, but the situation/comment can be anything. Take all of the decisions we make during our lives. Some seem to be more important than others, but every decision we make changes our lives in some way. Think about it as a circle divided into 360 separate divisions. Each one is numbered 1-360. If you are in division 1 and you decide to go to division 2. You might find the conditions not much different from those in number 1. BUT if you decide to jump over into division 180. You might experience much different conditions.

Think BEFORE WE SPEAK should be our main plan of action! Once said, the words/mood/feelings/meanings are out there with no way to get them back.

AND YES! It ALWAYS makes a difference!

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I rank Louise Penny right up there with John Grisham. Their writing just gets better and relevant with each book. Their ability to take true events and their emotional and social effects and write a novel about them is exceptional!

THE MADNESS OF CROWDS begins just after a vaccine has been approved as protection from a virus. As usual there is a murder. Why this person was murdered is not understood. As the story goes, it’s complicated! An idea about euthanasia and abortions of the unhealthy ring bells of dangerous dictators hiding in the background. Most people conclude that those ideas would never reach the surface of society again but a charismatic statistician starts a movement with lectures about what “facts prove” that euthanasia should be mandatory by law. All of a sudden with fear and intimidation NEVER becomes POSSIBLE!

This was one of the fastest reads I’ve ever made! I literally did not want to put the book down until I found out who killed the “dead person”! NO SPOILERS ALERTS HERE!

Hot off the press: Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny have teamed up with a new mystery thriller, “State of Terror.” Hillel Italie Associated Press

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Book Report: WOLFSONG Series (4 books…each 400+ pages each)

By TJ Klune

Important Note: I’ve never read the same book twice……until now. I have read the entire WOLFSONG series and I’ve finished book 1 for the second reading! That should be a clue of how good it is!

Anne Rice used VAMPIRES and ANGELS in some of her books as the characters that were different and feared, TJ Klune uses WOLVES and MAGIC!

T K is an excellent writer. The first time I read Book 1, I kept reading until I finished the series just to find out how it ended! The second time around, I’m discovering how much I missed in the details the first time!! The stories are multilayered and detailed and as some have said before me, “The truth is in the details.”.

NEED to know facts about the series:

  1. In the information section about the author: TJ, being queer himself believes it’s important—-now more than ever to have accurate, positive queer representation in stories.
  2. There are some passages that are sexually explicit. If that bothers you, I’d recommend just skipping over those few and read the series for the great writing it is! *

There was a time when authors could not reveal their true nature such as whether they were male or female. Theses days that’s not a problem, but addressing their nationality, gender preference or any other personal information might affect book sales. That many authors are willing to sacrifice book sales to be truthful speaks well of the quality of the authors of today!

I agree with Mr. Klune that it is important to have accurate positive representation in stories and all literature! I know when I was growing up it would have made a huge difference in my comfort and self esteem to read about people like me in a positive character presentation!!

We’ve come a long way as a society but WE ARE NOT THERE YET!!!!

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Where Did All the LOVE go? (Where did I go?)

When the pandemic started, the panic started. At that time survival was what was on everybody’s mind! A lot of routine things in our lives (all of us) just stopped! Our lives depended on “How quick can we get “The SHOT”. At first that was a real challenge, the rules and facts seemed to change everyday!

And then we got The SHOT! WOW! What a relief it was! And then, the 2nd SHOT! WE were saved! And then we weren’t! The dreaded VARIANT Delta came and now there is an E!!!!! Updates everyday! Mixed signals from “trusted authorities”! Worry! FEAR!

And all of this time it seems like the big questions are What is “the truth”?, What kind of future will we find ourselves in?

MY questions are Where did I go?, Were did my faith go?, What do I want to happen next?, What can I DO? What can anybody do?


The pandemic (I refuse to capitalize that word), effected people differently. Some people became more creative and productive and some became quiet, silent and withdrawn.

I was not withdrawn but I was quiet. I stopped making entries to my blog, I lost my zest for life and until recently my love of flowers and nature and God Blessed Companionship was what kept me alive.

When a person writes a blog it is very personal and that person wonders if it resonates with and touches other people.

I had not made an entry in my blog for a very long time. I just didn’t see the point.

In the last 2 weeks several people asked why I had stopped my blog entries. One in particular stirred my heart strings and I FOUND WHERE THE LOVE HAD GONE. IT HADN’T GONE ANYWHERE! THE FOG OF FEAR, DISAPPOINTMENT, LOSS AND PAIN HAD BLOCKED THE LIGHT!




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Book Review: The Searcher, a novel by Irish Writer, Tana French

I love mysteries! I love great writers! This author is new to me but now I feel like and old friend!

Ireland is a beautiful country with wonderful customs, legends and stories. The Searcher uses vivid descriptions of the terrain and the characters to place you right in the middle of the action. Young people make mistakes. That is a big part of growing up. Some choices create major changes in our lives. Choose what you will! Live with it you must!

Starting over? Think about it and remember you carry your luck and your happy with you!

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