Creating Your Own World/ The Law of Attraction in Action! # 1 1/1/2020

Reference Book: The Essential Law of Attraction Collection by Esther and Jerry Hicks 2nd edition October 2015 ( 3 books in 1 collection book) *

Why do bad things happen to good people?! Think and Grow Rich! I hate my life but there is nothing I can do! I’m trapped in this lousy life! GOD must hate me! The Devil made me do it! The main thing in common with the above statements is the individual is always blaming somebody else for their problems. The truth is the individual is the only one that can change the situations. OUR GOD (whatever you determine that to be) has given us the “GRACE of Choice” or what some call “Free Will”.

Hundreds of books have been written about WHAT TO DO about changing our lives/situations, but few actually tell you HOW TO DO IT! The Essential Law of Attraction Collection actually does that!

We all are looking for something easy and magical that we can latch on to and WHAP! We have it! Sorry but it isn’t simple. IT takes work and time! We create our worlds all of the time so we can do it, but if we don’t have what we want, what are we doing wrong?! How do we learn to get better at creating exactly what we want?

That’s what we are going to be doing with this  “Using the laws of attraction to get what we want” series in my blog.**

* International best sellers, 1. The Law of Attraction  2. Money, and the Law of Attraction  3. The Vortex

**To follow my blog,  go to the right side of the blog entry and go down to the bottom of the page  and you’ll find a [to follow] button……… on it and you’ll get an e-mail notice each time I issue a new entry. You can also make comments on each entry about the content and other issues you might have. Interaction is welcomed.


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Southern Gardens, Aging Gardens/Aging Gardeners

The best way to tell if your gardens and you are aging is to pay close attention to what is happening around you! IF you find that you aren’t able to get out in the garden as often OR stay as long as you used to (especially in the summer heat) YOU MIGHT BE AGING. Note: your garden will respond by having more and larger weeds in spaces that used to by filled by blooming “ribbon winning” bloomers.  If when you stoop down to pull weeds or pick up limbs you fall over on your face or if you start buying all plants in 3-5 gallon plants instead of all 1 gallon containers, you get the drift (not the roses or other drift plants) the meaning! 🙂

Now some may find this depressing but do not despair! Here are some ideas that will give you a whole new outlook on your “garden situation”:

Hire somebody who needs work to do the yard work.

Switch to drought /heat resistant plants.      Build a bird sanctuary.

Look to your community. Jr. High and High School students need projects to complete their studies in school [4 H/ FFA ]. Find out if some students would want to adopt your yard or part of it for a before and after project for school credit.

Buy annuals early and replant them in larger pots for 4-5 weeks and then plant them in the yard. The better root system will help transplant survival rate.

Most gardeners want the latest, best plants they can find! This means adding space for them all! To just MAINTAIN what you have and resist new plantings is very hard for the aging gardener! It means you have to make do with less and rely on others to do work you would do if you only could! It means cutting back on the amount of yard you have devoted to “The Garden”. So bite the bullet and cut back on the areas. You can let them go wild again OR cut paths through out the beds and still maintain the plants with much less work. Put down pine straw on the paths to maintain a “trail” effect.

If all else fails, pick out a small area in your yard that you can get to and work on without putting your self in danger and work on that area THIS year. This area can be your YARD to work in on those days when you feel like getting out in the yard and smelling the clean air and to get the satisfaction of a job well done.

LAST RESORT! Give up going out into the yard! Concentrate on a few “house plants”. Pick winners such cactus, African Violets, etc. Your local garden centers will be glad to suggest just the right plants for your situation.

“OLD gardeners never quit planting until they get planted.”

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Does it Really matter what we watch on TV, Movies, Video Games? The Books we read?


THAT is a big controversial question and has been for ages! BUT is it such a BIG deal for kids and their parents or teenagers or young adults? How about old folks?

YES, IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         WHY?

The Universal Law of Attraction, “That which we think about and concentrate on is drawn to us like a moth to a flame!”  ( loosely restated from standard definition ).

It all depends on what you want in your life. I want happiness/joy and abundance and love. What should I think about, watch on TV, what movies should I look for, which books should I read?

The PURGE!!!!! I posted several blog entries about this TV/Movie series last year. If I want all of the above things such as happiness and love, definitely The PURGE should be removed from my “attention list”! BUT I could watch anything that the Hallmark Channel puts on their channel!

It really is that simple. We create our own reality. We ARE WHAT WE THINK! So first, decide what you want in your life, concentrate on it and bring it into your life.

The Law of Attraction always works! What you think about comes into your life. Use phases like: I want to experience JOY and Happiness. I want to enjoy abundance in my life. I want to be the example of perfect health! Put all of wants in the positive frame of thought.

IMPORTANT: If you concentrate on “what you don’t want”….remember whatever you draw your attention to you get it……………so always keep your attention on what you do want!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS!

I’m upgrading my blog status and will start a new series about the Law of Attraction once I get all of the upgrades set up…………..communications will be improved! Stay tuned!   

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Transitions!We’re Born and We Die, Is That It?!

How would we live differently if we knew for CERTAIN that there is “Life After Death”?

How would we live differently if we knew for CERTAIN that there is NO “Life After Death”?

Since there is no way we can know for certain either way,


FAITH, definition;  Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

  1. IF there is complete trust and confidence that when you die there is NOTHING!!!  :

a. You can live with complete abandonment!!!!! Do anything you want to, good or bad. Live it up, when it’s over that’s it. “Live fast, die hard and leave a beautiful memory!”

b. You still have to live by the “rules of the life game”! “Choose what you will, live with it you must!” Yoda

     2. If there is complete trust and confidence that when you die there is                         EVERYTHING!! :

a. You can live with HOPE and HAPPINESS.

b. You still have to live by the rules of the “life game”! BUT, you can work within a whole different system : 

1. In that system what you do good and bad matters.

2. There is a “higher intelligence” that started the ball rolling.

3. You have something that lives on after your physical body dies, your soul. You’re           part of everything that is. You are eternal. You are unique.

4. You are loved.

You were created and given free will. So you get to choose!


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Remembering!One at a Time!

So many people are dying these days and not all of them are timely. Some are too young to be dying we say, or WOW! That is totally unexpected. We remain. Most we want to remember and those we don’t we can’t seem to forget.

I just learned a way to review and remember and forget all of those people.

Make a list of all of the “major and minor” people who have walked into and out of your life. Take that list and divide it into major and minor characters in your life’s play. Start at the top of your list and everyday pick one character from the major list and one from the minor list the next day.

All day when you can think about that individual and what part he or she made in your life’s story.  Remember the good and bad times. Enjoy the memories. For those people still alive you may want to arrange a chance to meet in person and remember together. For those you don’t want to see again or can’t, figure out why and try to resolve those issues before you die.

DO these things now! BEFORE it is too late!

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“Hotel California in Missouri!”

While traveling over last few years we’ve noticed that some of the Motels/Hotels are getting weather beaten and are showing their age. Rumors are circulating that some “Motel Chains” sell them to low end motel operators that spruce them up a bit and get 10- 15 more years out of them.  The sellers build new ones and the cycle continues.

Most people are aware of the song, Hotel California by The Eagles where you can check in but you can never leave. You just get caught up in the maddening circle of entrapment in a wasted location of decadence forever.

This year while going through Missouri we stopped at a REAL Hotel California . We were staying over night and had to book at a late date so we weren’t sure what we would find. The city was packed because some type of special playoff game was in town that weekend. When we drove up we were pleasantly surprised how elegant the outside looked……….very regal with water fountain and all!

After checking in we headed up to the room…………… inside the building and entered by the side door into a huge room that was “dated back 30 years ago with satin curtains and big sofas and chandeliers shining brightly”. The halls were long and quiet and kinda spooky. Well dressed bellhops and doormen were dressed with white gloves. The room was dated! Big old furniture………nothing like the modern chains with abstract art and cheap furniture and tacky lamps.

We were invited out to dinner and had a great time afterwards coming back to the Hotel California.  Breakfast was to be served in a room down the hall in the morning but we decided to get up early and slip out and hit the road before we were noticed. Somehow a Hardee’s Biscuit really seemed like a great idea!

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What can PARENTS do to help prevent suicides?


I recently posted that the younger population is less “receptive and unforgiving” of LGBT than they have been in the past.  What has changed? How do you think that makes those in the LGBT groups feel? Now take it a little further, how does it make them feel if they are rejected by their parents?!!!!!!

THE FACTS ARE: NO parents are happy to hear that their children are LBGT “different”! The parents react in many different ways and 99% suggest change, period!  JUST STOP! “Different” by being deformed, having a low IQ, or just plain crazy seems to be better than being the LGBT kind of different!

To be told that God considers you to be an abomination and that unless you can “change” you might just as well be dead and you’re going to hell anyway. How do you think THAT information makes those in the LGBT family feel? Are you surprised that the death toll is rising steadily every year?

Discrimination by religion ( of all things!  and by reference by GOD that you are an abomination) and then also by the entire population; how do you think that makes them feel? How many choose death over a life of being shunned?

I don’t understand a lot of things but I’ve adopted an old Medical Doctor’s Creed, At the VERY least, do no harm!

So Parents, these are YOUR children, if you can’t love them , AT LEAST DO NO HARM!

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What Can You Do To Prevent Teenage Suicide…July 9th/2019

John Rosemond, American Columnist answered a question recently from a parent who’s 12-year-old told them he was thinking about suicide. FIRST! They were lucky he talked to them in the FIRST place…..most people DON’T talk about it, they just do it!

Those left behind spend the rest of their lives asking, “What could I have possibly done to prevent this loss of precious life?”


1. Make statements as opposed to asking questions!  Give facts such as, “To be honest, suicide is an inappropriate response to a problem, no matter how big the problem seems to be at the moment, so let’s talk about real solutions rather than dwelling on your feelings, etc.” FACTS instead of FEELINGS! Lead the conversations to get the individual to think correctly about ways to find solutions to the problems that are creating the “out of control emotions”.

Go to John Rosemond’s Face Book Page or just Google his name and get his books. His parenting advice  (old school) about raising children is excellent and he gives a lot of valuable advice.

Remember, if you are lucky enough to get to talk about it…………FACTS  not  FEELINGS!

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Reiki / The Seth Project ( The Healing Energy of the Quantum Theory)

The Seth Project was created a couple of years ago in order to have a framework to capture the research that a group of us wanted to explore concerning spiritualism and the supernatural. We studied hypnosis and past life regressions pertaining to the healing qualities of looking inward and upward to find comfort in our lives and reported on those and other relevant topics. A great deal of time in-between post under The Seth Project “umbrella” may pass because I wait until we have evaluated the results before publishing thoughts concerning the studies.

Earlier this year I first heard about Reiki. As we do when studying anything/subjects a lot of different topics and ideas come across our minds with some of them demanding immediate attention and others passing as interesting but “not right now” information. Such things as stones/crystals, chakras, guru following, books and more books flood our minds with ideas and avenues and side trips on related topics!  I’d been doing just that for about 2 years when a good friend of mine invited me to a lecture on stones and crystals. That first step led to my taking my first lessons in Reiki.

What is Reiki? It is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Healing is made possible from making access to the vital life force or universal life energy.

I attended massage classes several years ago and Reiki expands my ability to conduct successful Reiki sessions.

After being introduced to the Reiki techniques and philosophy I decided to take the classes and become a Reiki Practitioner (One who can administer Reiki). There are 3 levels of Practitioners: Levels 1, 2 and 3. I’ve completed the first 2 levels and plan on completing Level 3 before the end of the year. Each level allows an additional degree of expertise to be practiced. 

The benefits of becoming a practitioner are many:

1. Increases your desire and use of meditation on a regular basis.

2. When you “give Reiki, you also “get” Reiki!

3.  You are able to help other people by giving them Reiki at “Reiki Circles” that are sponsored in communities by the various Reiki Groups worldwide.

4. Reiki techniques are rapidly being requested in hospitals as means of lowering blood pressure and other complications prior to and after operations or procedures in the medical fields reduce stress and pain without the use of  (or less use of addictive drugs ).

I plan on continuing my studies, sharing my knowledge and expanding my world of spirituality.

Blessings of LOVE and LIGHT!

Let your Love Light Shine!



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YOUNG show less LGBTQ Tolerance!

We (my friends and I) had a conversation just recently in which we remarked that the “younger generations” under 30 years of age seem to respect diversity of race much more than the population over that age. And that it seemed to suggest that other areas of diversity would see the same respect for all types of diversity, so it was a surprise to read the article (On the front page of USA Today 06.27.19) the above title!

The article  shows 4 age groups: 18-34 / 35-51 / 52-71 / 72+ 

The  overall tolerance level averages out at about 30%  BUT the biggest difference is the JUMP in the age (18-34) group………..from 24% in 2016 to 36% in 2018 !!!!!

What has caused the big jump in this age group?   Part of the answer is non-familiarity. As young people get older they are being exposed to all different types of people including LGBTQ people who are not not identified as lesbian or gay such as transgender. Unfortunately the unknown or different people in our society sometimes become the ones to be fearful of. Social media and other instant communication sources spread hate speech, etc. that create a toxic culture that envelopes young people that instill fear, alienation and permissibility that can sway impressionable young people in a community toward violence!

In one of my earlier blogs I ask the questions, “Does how we look matter? What we wear, physical appearance, how we act in public? Do they matter?”. Another question, “How do you change the way people feel about you?” Think about it! The answers are self evident. *

* Facts and figures courtesy of USA TODAY June 27, 2019


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