The Legend of the “Talking Dolphins”

For generations the Legend of the Talking Dolphins was only a legend, until one weekend in late summer 2010 at the beach IT WASN’T!

As in most things, the harder you try to See It or Feel It or Do IT the less your chances are you will. That seems to be “bass ackwards”, but it isn’t………………so……

The beach house sits up on a hill that overlooks the artful sand dunes and sea oats  clusters that approach the long sandy beach in a hidden cove in the state of Maine. After being handed down for generations and renovated and cared for it was in excellent condition that summer. In addition to the cottage, the legend of the talking dolphins had been faithfully nurtured and maintained in great detail.

As the legend goes, Dolphins are at least as smart as humans and probably more so. They can communicate with humans by talking as humans do but they won’t unless humans earn their trust. The family that built the cottage loved the dolphins. One summer when one of the baby dolphins stayed in the shallow water as the tide was receding got stranded and was crying for help, the couple in the cottage heard the cries and ran down to the beach, lifted the stranded pup up and helped it get back into deeper waters. The next day when they went down to the beach, on the area in front of the last step of the stairs going down was the most beautiful piece of driftwood they have ever seen!  It was in the shape of a perfect heart! The next day when the couple was swimming in the deeper water while the tide was in they were sure they heard one of the dolphins say, “Thank you” as it slowing circled them. That summer was spent talking to the dolphins  using “human language”. When the stories of that summer were shared with friends and neighbors back home nobody believed them of course and so the legend was born.

5 generations later each summer spent at the beach was going to be THE SUMMER that the dolphin legend would be proved to be true!

(2010), John and Martha and their 3 kids had enjoyed the beach cottage for years after inheriting it from their grandparents. They faithfully renovated it and maintained the talking dolphin legend as was required by ownership. BUT they never really believed that any ancestor had ever talked to the dolphins. This summer it would be different!

The 3 teenage kids were typically energetic, indestructible, and careless. They didn’t notice the dark shark circling around them until one got pulled under the water. One of the other kids got hit in the stomach by a direct hit. Scared to death they started screaming and hollering for help. Martha heard their cries first and got John and then raced down the steps to the beach. Just as they got to the edge of the water the screaming stopped. Fearing the worst when they couldn’t see the kids anywhere, the worst possible outcome was expected.

All of a sudden the 3 frightened kids stood up slowly out of the water being completely encased in an air bubble! A dolphin head appeared out of the water and it looked like the dolphin was standing on it’s tail perfectly balanced upright. “Not to worry, they’ll be fine. The bubble protected them but they won’t remember it. Many years ago your ancestors saved one of ours and we are so thankful to be able to repay the favor!” Later that afternoon when John and Martha were talking to the kids they discovered that none of them remembered anything at all related to the dolphin topic.

So once again with no proof of it being true or false, The Talking Dolphins Legend  remains a legend.

What do you believe? Can Dolphins talk? Do they?

As for me, I have a deal with all creatures of the sea. You don’t come out of the water and I won’t come in!  The proof of the Legend is being left up to people like you! I do recommend that if you are serious about it, carry a portable video/sound recorder with you 🙂 but then somebody will scream PHOTO SHOP at you. So I’m betting on the side of the Legend lives on forever!!!!




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The Legend of the Dreamers and the Possibilities Wheel

As legends go the one about the Dreamers is probably the closest to being true!

The “class” got the announcement telepathically. That should give you a clue.

The message came in as a paragraph, not word by word so when they felt the “ping” in their heads the whole message was in their mind! DM1 and DM2 had been having breakfast at the Waffle House since 7:30 that morning and were just finishing up the last cup of coffee when they both felt it! DM1, “What in the hell was that”? DM2, “You felt it too?”

DF3 and DF4 were at their computers doing their classes on-line during the Pandemic. They felt the ping but didn’t stop their studies. We’ll check it later!

DF5 and DM6 were at the tennis courts at the Sports Center finishing up a morning practice when they felt it.

All of them went on with their lives as nothing had happened. It had to be a fluke, right?

That evening all six of them were surprised to realize they were sitting in a large room that looked very much like a company boardroom. The room was small but big enough to accommodate a large table and 6 comfortable high-back leather chairs, 3 on each side of the table. At one end of the rectangular shaped room was a table with bottles of water and  and plates of something that looked like chocolate croissants. At the other end was a huge circle that had been equally divided into 360 slices, just like a pie. It looked like a clock but it wasn’t.

The “selected ones” just sat there quietly, surprisingly calm, wondering what in the hell was going on.

All of a sudden the theme song from 2001 A Space Odyssey blasted into the room giving them all a jolt of adrenaline. All legends have a little humor! 🙂

The six of them looked toward the front of the room at the huge wheel. Appearing from out of nowhere a tower of purple mist-like particles assembled themselves into the vibrating form of a woman/man/thing?

There were no sounds, but the students understood exactly what they were supposed to learn that night:

The Wheel of Possibilities works with and for you that are in human form by showing you the many choices you have for your lives on Planet X1. The Wheel is divided into 360 sections and each represents a different choice of action that you may choose when you have to make decisions during your lifetime.

Before you are born you choose your parents and many others that will be with you during this lifetime on Planet X1. Those choices get you born into a human lifetime. You take on the DNA traits of your parents.  As you get older many other choices have to be made throughout your life. When you dream you can go to your Wheel of Possibilities and look at the many choices you can make. Each one will take you down a different path. There are no wrong choices because you will learn from each one.  Your birthright of “Free Will” is guaranteed. Choose what you will, Live with it you must………………until you make another choice.

Carry this lesson with you. Any questions you may have will be answered during your dreams. We are always with you and available. All you have to do is ask and it is given.

“Your next lesson will be announced when you are ready.”

The “class” of six made up of three pairs, 2MD’s/2FMD’s/1MD1FMD just sat there for a few minutes in total silence. And then just like somebody switched on a light they all woke up a little groggy!

Somebody said, “What in the hell just happened!?”

FD1 spoke up, “The purple mist just gave us some sorter class or message or something. Pretty cool don’t you think?!”

MD2, “No, cool isn’t what I’d call it, weird is much closer.”

After bantering the possibilities around for a while, the “class” agreed that what had just happened was weird but what could they do about it? Nothing. So when you don’t know what to do, sometimes the best course of action is to DO NOTHING.

Without noticing anything happening in the room it disappeared and the 3 pair’s lives continued from the moment before it was interrupted sometime ago. UNTIL NEXT TIME!  Keep dreaming.

Author’s NOTE:

Many books have been written about the importance and meanings of our dreams. Each of us is a “Dreamer”. Even songs are written about them such as, “I’ll see you in my dreams.” So, see you around.  I’ll be looking for the WHEEL of Possibilities!!” 🙂






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The Legend of the Healing Temple

That day in the early afternoon sun walking in the forest was eerily quiet. All of a sudden the air around us got colder and all sounds stopped.  The two of us stopped. Somewhere in the distance an owl hooted a warning. What was happening?

Suddenly faint sounds of music drifted toward us across the clearing. The sounds were forcing us to listen to music. Out of nowhere and unannounced stood two monk-like figures right in front of us.  With out speaking we understood that we were expected to follow them and it wasn’t optional. 

As we traveled though the forest sounds of music got louder and the birds resumed their conversations. Up ahead a steeple of a building came into view. As we got closer we could see that the steeple belonged to a cathedral/church like structure that was made of stones and mortar and grey-like in color. Two very large bright red doors were impressively placed at the entrance. On each was a huge brass door knocker.

Intuitively we knew that we were to climb up the steps and knock on the doors.

We told ourselves that we were not afraid. Of course we weren’t!

After knocking twice on the doors they opened inwardly into a ballroom of brilliant colored lights! As we entered the room two orbs of pure purple light moved with us toward the center of the room. One of the purple orbs spoke gently, “You are welcome here in the Temple of Healing. As part of your spiritual learning this will give you confidence that your GOD cares for you and  provides a place that you can come in your dreams to heal.

“How does it work?” I asked. The other orb answered, “Walk into the room slowly. Concentrate on any illness or health problem that you might have. Will it to be healed and it will be.  The healing lights of the Temple are the colors of your human body chakras. Each color represents one of the 7 body chakras.”

As we walked into the room music that sounded like Angels singing was gently present. When we stepped under one of the healing lights, our bodies became columns of mist the same color of that light. We felt a peaceful warm glow all over. Without being told to we began to slowly twirl  and sway with the music. From light to light to light we went feeling more and more at peace and contented. Time stood still.

Later that day as we were walking out of the forest we talked how happy and content we felt. We don’t remember ever feeling so good after walking through the woods on a beautiful day before.

And as legends are passed on from generation to generation we wonder just how true they might be. Well, we can dream can’t we!?


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The Hunger Games Prequel

If it ain’t broke, leave it alone! The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins was/is a huge literary book and movie success. And now the prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes comes along and ignites the The Hunger Games frenzy once again. 

“The Hunger Games” was about an event that punished rebels for rebelling against their “government”. It was a pairing of rebel children from all of the districts against each other in a fight to the death. It concentrates on the stories from the rebel’s point of view.

The Prequel, The Ballard of Songbirds and Snakes takes place much earlier than The Hunger Games and tells the stories from the “government’s” point of view. A lot of the unanswered questions left open in The Hunger Games are answered.

I predict that the prequel will also be a big success and will become a trilogy with more movies too.

Once again, it it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 🙂

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The Positive Side of the C-virus

YES! Step out of the NEGATIVE downward spiral of the effects of the C-virus for just a few minutes. There is enough of that out there already! Can you find anything at all positive?

Living in the “present moment”: Most of us never take time to just BE. We’re caught up in the rush and hurry of everyday life. Whatever we don’t get done today, well there will be tomorrow.  OR WILL THERE?

Saying those things and doing those things that I really need to say and do . (I’ll do tomorrow!)

Because of the C-virus we are experiencing that there may not be those tomorrows for us or anybody else.

So SAY those things you feel! Do those things for people you love! Make each day count!

Let those people who have been and are now in your life know how much they have meant to you and what knowing them has made a difference in your life.

Send cards and letters! Pick up the phone and call! Send those e-mails! 

Say, “Just in case”, I wanted you to know!



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Are You Living or Working with Schizophrenia? NEW BOOK out!

If you have ever known a family or person that has problems with the symptoms of schizophrenia, you know the challenges they face daily. It has plagued civilizations for centuries! Until now there has been little”lasting” success in diagnosing and treating it.  This new book, HIDDEN VALLEY ROAD by Robert Kolker tells the history and latest hope for the causation and cure! Also, Oprah has chosen the book as a 2020 Book Club selection.   A MUST read!

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The Hardest Parts of Creating Your Own World # 6; Forgiveness/Letting Go/Allowing

So, you’ve done EVERYTHING right and still have no success! GO ahead, GIVE UP! Let ole Joe Blow and Sally Silly down the street get all of the rewards. Maybe they just have DUMB luck OR by accident they locked onto the secrets that you’ve just overlooked. Hang in there! You are almost there!!!!!

FORGIVENESS: Why is something like that an important step to mastering The Law of Attraction? If Like attracts Like, then “not forgiving” by being a source of negative thoughts and feelings blocks your good from finding a straight line pathway to your door! FORGIVE

LETTING GO: When you have done all of the planning and deciding exactly what you want to come into your life. LET IT GO! Don’t keep rethinking it! If you want, put the details on a piece of paper and put if away in a drawer and forget it. Continuing to review, revise, etc. just slows the process down! LET IT GO!

ALLOWING: Don’t think about HOW your good will come to you! Don’t limit it or yourself. It is always good to say to the Universe. This (what you want to create


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Creating Your Own World/The Law of Attraction in Action #5 [The SECRET]

Many books have been written about “How to get what you want”! You are not happy with what you have in life so you go out and buy these books, read them thinking that you will find out exactly how to get what you want. They all take you just so far and then stop! You are looking for that one thing, THE SECRET that will make it all just happen! That one special Secret that makes manifestation take place!**

We’re all taught that hard work and determination will pay off, and that we can be and should be anything, and have anything we want if we’re just determined and work hard enough to get it! Some people accomplish that. What is their Secret? What are they doing that we aren’t?

Every time you wish for something your “spiritual self” starts working toward getting it for you [in escrow down stream*]. Your physical self is constantly becoming your spiritual self. It requires no action on your part, The Law of Attraction. We slow our manifestations from happening by not allowing our physical selves to progress into being what our spiritual selves already are. The Secret is that Allowing means that in addition to letting our physical selves progress to our perfect spiritual selves, WE MUST ALLOW ALL OTHER  BEINGS TO PROGRESS INTO THEIR PERFECT SPIRITUAL SELVES too!

We stay on our spiritual path and allow them to stay on theirs. We are not here to fix the world. We are here to experience the world as it unfolds and learn and grow with it and everybody else.

When we don’t allow those things, it is like paddling up stream. When we allow those things, we turn the canoe around, put the paddles in the canoe and rush down stream to where all of those good things that we want are there waiting for us!

YOUR spiritual self and your physical self work together for your best good. When we are in sync we feel good and when we are not in sync we feel bad. [Emotions]

Special thoughts!: Don’t worry about having Negative thoughts! They have NO POWER unless we concentrate on  them. Replace them with “less negative” thoughts such as, “Well, maybe I don’t have enough information to make a judgement about it.” In order to know WHAT WE WANT, KNOWING WHAT WE DON’T WANT makes a lot of sense! Make a list! 🙂

Stay tuned for part 6, How to deliberately create successfully! A workable “game plan! *



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Creating Your Own World#4/Your Spiritual DNA

You’ve had your Physical DNA analyzed and know that your human ancestors came from Africa and migrated northward to the Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom. You can trace their travels from Europe to America and here you are. From old pictures you have many physical features of your family history. You also have many of the physical illnesses and personality qualities of some of your ancestors. This is your Human DNA.

Is being a Human Being all you are? WHAT IF YOU ARE MUCH MORE THAN JUST HUMAN? What if you are also a Spiritual Being?! Do you have a spiritual DNA?

Think about it! What if that’s true?! What does that mean? Is it important? Can you measure it? Should you?

TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH HERE! Take at least 3 deep breaths and exhale.

You are 100% spiritual. When you incarnate to Earth or anywhere else in the Holy Ethers of totally pure consciousness you are both spiritual and Human or whatever being that incarnates to those other places that are not the Earth. When you incarnate to Earth you bring only the amount of your spirit with you that you need to live and carry out the purposes and learning that you came to the Earth to complete. The rest of your Holy Spirit stays in Heaven while you are  “Out there”.

The connection between your human incarnation and your Holy Spirit is critical to your well being while you are here on Earth. Some people believe that GOD’s greatest gift to us is the Grace of knowing our connection with our spiritual self and it’s connection to our Human incarnation. It is the “feeling or knowing when something we think or do or want is right for us or not”. Does it agree with our purpose and is it true to our spiritual being?

We know how to test our human DNA?  How do we test or find out what our spiritual DNA is?

Age regression by certified practitioners (psychologist/hypnosis) can lead us back through our human incarnations and give us the history of our lives. They can also look at the Akashic Records. (Google it.)

Over the last 50 years people who were conducting these age regressions discovered that some of the people were not only going back through their human lives but also were going back to where they were in between incarnations! Back to Heaven and rejoining their Holy Spirit there. So we have a Spiritual history as well a a Human history. Certain people who are trained in the Spiritual regression techniques can guide us back through our spiritual lives.

And HOW/WHY is this important in our lives? We are all here for a reason/purpose. We are here incarnated on Earth to learn what an honor and privilege it is to be a creation of GOD and in that Holy Presence. We are also here to be HAPPY. We learn by understanding how wonderful it is by experiencing what it is like without it!


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Creating Your Own World/The Law of Attraction in Action #3 Why don’t you get what you want(ask for)?

It should be simple, I want and I ask and I get! Why don’t we get what we want and ask for? The Main reason is that we don’t understand how the Law of Attraction Works. If the Law of Attraction works and it does, whatever we think about good or bad comes to us, no exceptions. If you constantly concentrate on “I don’t want” or “I don’t have’ then you are attracting all of those situations and persons into your life.

If you want a car. You will get a car. And if that is all you say you want that is what you’ll get. BUT what if you had a specific color, make and style with a lot of special features on it and didn’t specify any of that in your request for a car?! You’ll just get a car! Being specific matters!

How about diseases, illnesses, etc. If you concentrate on any specific disease or illness you are concentrating on negative desires. Instead of saying I don’t want Cancer, TB, Heart Trouble and constantly think about those things make statements like, I choose perfect health. Being Healthy makes me happy. I enjoy being an example of being happy and healthy and wise. Concentrate on that positive approach to your “wanting” and you increase you chances of getting perfect health.

NOTE: There is a certain amount of cushion time in there.……if you find yourself thinking about these things you don’t want in your life immediately switch your thoughts over to the positive way to ask for what you want, NOT what you don’t want.

SO, the WAY you think is critical to the way you get what you want. There are other things that may block your getting what you want. The part of the Law of Attraction called Allowing! Allowing with understanding and forgiveness! This part is usually hardest part to understand and accept! Example:

In your life, someone breaks in and kills your child, rapes your wife and tries to kill you before the Police Officers shoot and catch the intruder! Due to a technicality the intruder is found not guilty and set free! You hear of people when this happens to them saying that they forgive the intruder and move on with their life. I can hear you all that are reading this saying “well if that happened to me, I’d NEVER forgive or forget that so and so intruder. Anybody that can forgive that is just crazy or stupid or both!”

I have wondered for years how anybody could forgive actions like that and move on with their lives! It required a lot of thinking and reading a lot of books and praying for understanding for me to understand why forgiving and allowing is necessary for us to stay on our chosen paths on Earth and complete our purposes for this lifetime.

Quantum Physics shows us that everything in “All that is.” is connected! From things much smaller than an atom to huge rocks and planets and universes out to and beyond infinity. ALL are connected. We were created and are all equal in the sight of our “GOD”.

Each Soul is on a journey from where they are to where their “Heaven” is. The requirement to get there is to learn what being “not there” is like. The path for each Soul is different because each is given freewill to choose their own paths. All paths lead to Heaven and to GOD so there are no right or wrong roads to choose……just different! If you choose a road that is extremely hard and difficult you may have some very hard lessons to learn and in a sense pay for. Perhaps the harder the path the faster the journey?

You’ve heard the saying, “It is not what happens to you that matters as much as how you handle it!” That is part of the lesson.

Bottom line though is EVERYBODY has the right to choose which paths they choose. If you choose a path that brings bad things into your life and you don’t like what you find there you can choose to take another path. In the case above you can choose to forgive and move on OR you can choose to allow the negative actions of someone else get you sidetracked and get lost on your journey. You do not have to forget! Just let it go! And move on.

If you want to comment, go to the very bottom of this blog entry to the box/comment/reply.  All comments, suggestions are welcomed.



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