Do Animals Go to OUR Heaven?

Now this is a question that EVERY animal lover on Earth would like to have a definitive answer for!

Unfortunately, there really isn’t one!

But recently I found the best answer I ever seen written by one of the local ministers here, Cynthia Taylor. I will share some of her information:

You probably have heard of The Rainbow Bridge (that all of our beloved pets cross over when they go to heaven). Well, that is comforting to believe but what if you had some more “comforting news” to hang onto when you let them go to the bridge and watch them cross over?

  1. Billy Graham said, “God will prepare something for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he’ll be there too!”

2. C. S. Lewis said,”If a good sheepdog seems “almost human” that is because a good shepherd has made it so…” Elsewhere in his writings, Lewis commented that he thought that animals have a kind of soul, not like humans, who were made in the image of God but that animals, especially dogs, carried part of the “Divine Spark.”

3. From the Bible, Paul’s Letter to the Romans; 8 19-21

4. In a blog for Focus on the Family, Randy Alcorn,”It may well be that all creation includes animals!”

5. From the Bible, Ecclesiastes, “For what happens to the children of man and what happens to the beasts is the same…They all have the same spirit…all go to the same place.”

6. Episode from “The Twilight Zone” titled, “The Hunt” by Earl Hammer about an old man and his dog, Rip. They were on the Eternity Road and meet several characters that offer the old man paradise, but only he could come in. Rip could not enter. The old man kept turning them down because to him without Rip, it wouldn’t be paradise! It would be Hell! On down the road a piece he meets a really friendly face dressed in coveralls(an Angel)who says to him when the old man again refuses unless Rip can come in too, “Mr. Simpson, You ain’t far wrong, that is Hell! Heaven is up yonder a piece” .AND THEN the 3 of them, Rip included go on up to Paradise!

NOTE: Many thanks to Cynthia Taylor for her research work and sharing for others to find comfort in losing their precious creatures!

Of course all of us will have our own opinions about what happens when our physical self dies and our spiritual self goes back to heaven. AND THEN we will hear “The Rest of the Story”…….You older folks know what I mean by that. You younger folks, leave a comment/question and I’ll tell you.

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The Legend of What happens in Heaven BEFORE we are born!

The instant we take that first breath here on Earth, we scream and hollow and act like we are shocked at what just happened. Here we are, all connected to somebody by this long cord-thing and then somebody cuts us loose and ties the cord in a knot!Shock!!! Shock!! Shock!!!! Birth on Earth!

This Legend takes place BEFORE then, in Heaven! Jack and Jill, twins, Soul Mates, One Boy, One Girl. And so it begins:

Jack was just getting out of one of the mid-level creation classes when he got a buzz on his “smart watch”. Jill was leaving the Heavenly Choir rehearsal and was just checking in;

Jill, “Jack, can you meet me for a quick meeting this afternoon?”

Jack, ” Sure, when and where? What’s up?”

Jill, “I just got word from the Re-entry Board that our application for Earth Re-entry has been reviewed and the next step is to meet for the details of our proposal plan. It has been scheduled for next week. We have a LOT to discuss! In the Garden by the Raintree by the waterfall mid-afternoon.”

Jack, “I’ll be there.”

The application details they submitted to the Board covered why they thought they were ready for Earth re-entry and what the detailed plans were for the next phase of their Eternal Upward Mobility. They had completed 2 lifetimes as identical twins as girls and wanted to live lives next as identical twin boys. Note: In subsequent lives they would have to split up as individual entities and explore life separately.

Jack and Jill had their meeting that afternoon and decided on specific spiritual topics that this next trip to Earth should address.

The next step after getting approval from the Re-entry Board would be in finding the exact human situations on earth that would provide the opportunities for them to complete the Earth Mission.

There are certain (human bodies and situations)at all times available for those ready to go back for re-entry. But the rules stipulate that when a soul wants to re-enter the Earth Realm it must utilize the available ones at that time or wait until more suitable conditions come about later. Sometimes this is a deal breaker. It is helpful to remember that eternity is forever so there is no rush or lack of other things to do in the meantime!

Let your mind wander about the thousands of combinations of parents, grandparents, economical and social situations possible. Putting a set of those together that would best fit the goals to be accomplished during a lifetime takes a lot of time and effort. At some point it gets down to this situation; pick out the ones available knowing they are not perfect and just handle what ever comes up in that life and deal with it. You’ll learn no matter what does or does not happen according to the PLAN!

Jack and Jill cleared all Boards and Agencies required for re-entry into life on Earth. They spent weeks reviewing the specifics of the journey: They were to be born into a family of middle of the road income and social status. Loving and devoted parents AND grandparents on both sides of the family lines. No special hardships were scheduled for this lifetime but one older autistic boy would be there and one genius, so not challenge free either.

Now keep in mind that All of these other people mentioned in the above paragraph have their own plans and goals to work on as individual souls. The plot thickens!

Jack and Jill met one last time before their appointment with their Mother in the hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

Jill, “Jack I’m a little scared this time! I’m not gonna do it if you aren’t there with me the whole lifetime! There are a lot of twist and turns and uncertainty involved with this lifetime we’ve chosen!”

Jack, “Too late to back out now, we’ve got all of these people to agree to be part of this journey. It wouldn’t be fair to back out now! Here, take my hand. You know how quick all of this happens once it starts!”

Meanwhile back in the waiting room Tom McNeil was patiently waiting with their other children and grandparents for the new additions to the family when the doctor and nurse came out each holding a baby in their arms. They were walking together extremely close….and the doctor said,”These two came out together holding hands so tightly that we can’t separate them yet. Not to worry. They’ll be fine after they calm down and relax a little. Looks like they didn’t want to loose each other during the trip. And everybody clapped and shouted welcome!!!!”

To some of you this may read like science fiction. To others it may seem to be just another made up story in the imagination of the writer. If you want further information about the topic of life after and before death and birth I suggest Between Death and Life, newly updated and revised edition by Dolores Cannon/Ozark Mountain Publishing

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The Legend of “Just Around the Bend in the ROAD”

As the legend goes,strange things may happen at the most unlikely times when you go just around the bend in the road. What are you doing right now, walking or riding in a vehicle? How fast are you going? WHERE are you going and WHY? What are you expecting?

OR, are you just not thinking about it? Just blindly going on down the road to the place where it goes around the bend?

That day was no different from most of the other days. I was going about my daily routines and didn’t think too much about what could happen to change my life. I was just going about life and living it as it happens! Had I only known what was about to happen!

I had written checks that morning to pay some of the bills and was on my way to the small neighborhood post office on the other side of town. There was not much traffic so I was not hurried or upset with heavy traffic. After going through town there is a mile or two of open fields of the annual crop of huge yellow headed sun flowers! Once a year the fields are a golden yellow sheet of pure delight! It always lifts my spirits when I see them!

Up ahead at the corner is a huge oak tree. The post office is about another mile after you turn left at the tree. As I got closer I could see somebody hitch-hiking standing under the tree limbs waving for me to “please stop”! Normally I’m afraid to pick up strangers so I wasn’t going to stop. But all of a sudden the car just started to go slower and slower and finally just stopped right by the young girl at the tree!

My mind was saying to me, “Richard, are you crazy? You know you don’t pick up strangers and give them a ride these days.!” Yeah, I hear you but the car just stopped. I didn’t!” The young girl looked harmless.

“Hello, my name is Alice. I’m on my way to the greeting party. It’s just around the corner. Can you give me a lift the rest of the way?” With that, she opened the door on the passenger side and got in and seat belted herself for the rest of the ride. Saying no at this point didn’t seem to be an option. “What kind of greeting party are you going to? I haven’t heard anything about a greeting party being planned.” ” Never mind she said, you’ll see.”

When we turned the corner I could see a large white tent down the hill with a lot of smaller tents surrounding it. There were no cars in sight. I could see a lot of people moving around the tents. How did these people get here? Drop right out of the sky? Alice must have read my mind because she said, “well yes, they kinda did just that!” and smiled. The car stopped on its on decision.” We’ll need to walk the rest of the way Richard, Alice said. As we got out of the car, I noticed that we had not opened the doors! I shouted, “What’s going on!?” by now it was noticeable that we weren’t communicating with our voices either! We were just reading each other’s minds! Who are those people down there? You’ll see, we’re almost there. Am I dead? No, you’re very much alive but much different! Alice smiled again.

As we got closer to the tents I realized there was a lot going on but I couldn’t see people. I saw shapeless collections of what looked like colored mists in the vague shape of people! There were a lot of greens and blues but very few purples. A few shapes of pink were mingling around, not really moving and yet they were! My mind was saying, “Richard surely you know what has happened by now.And I somehow replied, “I have died without warning or even a hint and my car just took over and brought me here and picked up a young girl along the way. Or is this just a really really bad dream?!”

All of a sudden right in front of my so-called face (no telling what I looked like now)! was a purple mist of somebody or something that said, Richard, we’ve all been waiting for you. So glad to see you looking so well!” I wanted to say, “so just how do I look so well? What color mist am I!” I realized I was being a little, well maybe a lot sassy! But give me some slack, I just died and turned into a colorful looking mist of some color. What do you expect?

The purple mist said, “You’ll adjust very soon. It takes a while for your vibration levels to adjust to this new place. To us you look just fine and well. We are so glad to see you.. We have a few special people that want to greet you first and then later I’ll come back and take you to the Healing Temple. After that you’ll be able to adjust to life UPHERE and will move on to visit your Cosmic Family. Most of them are here right now and the others are on their way. You are greatly loved by all and they can’t wait to welcome you home.”

Legends are born from stories that are passed down from generation to generation. You can’t expect them to be 100% true, but there is a lot of colored mist sometimes when you take that bend in the road. Be careful if your car slows down on its own!

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The Night that Ann Danced With The Devil

Some people don’t believe that there is such a person as “The Devil”. Certainly, Ann was one of them until that night that she met him behind door #2. She was young and pretty and knew it. Thought she was smart and capable of taking care of herself but she wasn’t! It was really dumb to assume all of that stuff and go out and party by herself but she did!

One of Ann’s favorite places was a little joint down on the lower part of the town called Little Joe’s House of Surprises where the main attraction was a game called What’s behind Door Number 2? On weekends the crowds would pack the town trying to get into Little Joe’s. There had been rumors about there “being a little trouble down at Little Joe’s sometimes” but nobody paid any attention to those. After all where else would they go?

It was a warm summer night with just a sliver of the pearl white moon hanging in the sky. The area in front of Little Joe’s was crowded with people waiting to get in. Ann approached the crowd in her blazing hot red low neck dress that she appeared to have been melted and poured into. People made a path as she sexily walked on toward the front door in her red stiletto shoes. Just as she got to the steps up to the door a Tom Selleck* look-a-like stepped forward and took her hand to lead her into the room. Had Ann taken even a brief moment to think about the situation, she would have known that something was happening….But she didn’t!

As Ann stepped into the room the next game was just getting started. There was a hush of the noise in the room as she walked over to the announcer and said, “I’m next!” Nobody challenged her! Of course! And so the game began. Door number 1 always had a brand new car behind it. Door number 3 always had half a million dollars behind it. BUT door #2 was the surprise door. Most people were satisfied with either door number 1 or number 3. What door do you think Ann picked? Yep, Door number 2 was her choice! 

Congratulations Ann! You have just chosen Door number 2! Please step forward and get ready to open your prize door!

There was dead silence in the room. It was like all of the air had been sucked out. As Ann reached for the door handle she was suddenly chilled. The handle was warm as she slowly turned it to the left to open it. It wouldn’t open!  A voice from behind the door asked, “Are you SURE you want to open this door?” Ann being a little frustrated at this point yelled, “You damn right I am open the door!? The answer came back as the door slowly opened, “Step right in Miss Ann. Be my guest!” Had Miss Ann taken even a brief moment to think about the situation she would have known that something was about to happen, but she didn’t! 🙂

The same great looking guy that had stepped up to assist her into the game room took her hand in his and slowly pulled her closer to him. He kissed her on her forehead gently and slowly began to sway to the beautiful music that the orchestra was playing. Ann swooned and melted in his arms and was beginning to think she was in Heaven, but she wasn’t! As they danced he whispered in her ear, “How do you like your choice of Door number 2 Miss Ann?”  “Well so far, it is just like I died and went to Heaven”! The Devil replied and smiled, “Well you didn’t and it isn’t!”

AND so, if you are somewhere in the South and see an arrow pointing to a little joint called Little Joe’s House of Surprises and don’t even take a moment to think about the situation, Remember what’s behind Door # 2! UNLESS you really want to dance with the Devil! 🙂

* The Devil in disguise ( He never looks like he is supposed to! )



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The Legend of the “Talking Dolphins”

For generations the Legend of the Talking Dolphins was only a legend, until one weekend in late summer 2010 at the beach IT WASN’T!

As in most things, the harder you try to See It or Feel It or Do IT the less your chances are you will. That seems to be “bass ackwards”, but it isn’t………………so……

The beach house sits up on a hill that overlooks the artful sand dunes and sea oats  clusters that approach the long sandy beach in a hidden cove in the state of Maine. After being handed down for generations and renovated and cared for it was in excellent condition that summer. In addition to the cottage, the legend of the talking dolphins had been faithfully nurtured and maintained in great detail.

As the legend goes, Dolphins are at least as smart as humans and probably more so. They can communicate with humans by talking as humans do but they won’t unless humans earn their trust. The family that built the cottage loved the dolphins. One summer when one of the baby dolphins stayed in the shallow water as the tide was receding got stranded and was crying for help, the couple in the cottage heard the cries and ran down to the beach, lifted the stranded pup up and helped it get back into deeper waters. The next day when they went down to the beach, on the area in front of the last step of the stairs going down was the most beautiful piece of driftwood they have ever seen!  It was in the shape of a perfect heart! The next day when the couple was swimming in the deeper water while the tide was in they were sure they heard one of the dolphins say, “Thank you” as it slowing circled them. That summer was spent talking to the dolphins  using “human language”. When the stories of that summer were shared with friends and neighbors back home nobody believed them of course and so the legend was born.

5 generations later each summer spent at the beach was going to be THE SUMMER that the dolphin legend would be proved to be true!

(2010), John and Martha and their 3 kids had enjoyed the beach cottage for years after inheriting it from their grandparents. They faithfully renovated it and maintained the talking dolphin legend as was required by ownership. BUT they never really believed that any ancestor had ever talked to the dolphins. This summer it would be different!

The 3 teenage kids were typically energetic, indestructible, and careless. They didn’t notice the dark shark circling around them until one got pulled under the water. One of the other kids got hit in the stomach by a direct hit. Scared to death they started screaming and hollering for help. Martha heard their cries first and got John and then raced down the steps to the beach. Just as they got to the edge of the water the screaming stopped. Fearing the worst when they couldn’t see the kids anywhere, the worst possible outcome was expected.

All of a sudden the 3 frightened kids stood up slowly out of the water being completely encased in an air bubble! A dolphin head appeared out of the water and it looked like the dolphin was standing on it’s tail perfectly balanced upright. “Not to worry, they’ll be fine. The bubble protected them but they won’t remember it. Many years ago your ancestors saved one of ours and we are so thankful to be able to repay the favor!” Later that afternoon when John and Martha were talking to the kids they discovered that none of them remembered anything at all related to the dolphin topic.

So once again with no proof of it being true or false, The Talking Dolphins Legend  remains a legend.

What do you believe? Can Dolphins talk? Do they?

As for me, I have a deal with all creatures of the sea. You don’t come out of the water and I won’t come in!  The proof of the Legend is being left up to people like you! I do recommend that if you are serious about it, carry a portable video/sound recorder with you 🙂 but then somebody will scream PHOTO SHOP at you. So I’m betting on the side of the Legend lives on forever!!!!




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The Legend of the Dreamers and the Possibilities Wheel

As legends go the one about the Dreamers is probably the closest to being true!

The “class” got the announcement telepathically. That should give you a clue.

The message came in as a paragraph, not word by word so when they felt the “ping” in their heads the whole message was in their mind! DM1 and DM2 had been having breakfast at the Waffle House since 7:30 that morning and were just finishing up the last cup of coffee when they both felt it! DM1, “What in the hell was that”? DM2, “You felt it too?”

DF3 and DF4 were at their computers doing their classes on-line during the Pandemic. They felt the ping but didn’t stop their studies. We’ll check it later!

DF5 and DM6 were at the tennis courts at the Sports Center finishing up a morning practice when they felt it.

All of them went on with their lives as nothing had happened. It had to be a fluke, right?

That evening all six of them were surprised to realize they were sitting in a large room that looked very much like a company boardroom. The room was small but big enough to accommodate a large table and 6 comfortable high-back leather chairs, 3 on each side of the table. At one end of the rectangular shaped room was a table with bottles of water and  and plates of something that looked like chocolate croissants. At the other end was a huge circle that had been equally divided into 360 slices, just like a pie. It looked like a clock but it wasn’t.

The “selected ones” just sat there quietly, surprisingly calm, wondering what in the hell was going on.

All of a sudden the theme song from 2001 A Space Odyssey blasted into the room giving them all a jolt of adrenaline. All legends have a little humor! 🙂

The six of them looked toward the front of the room at the huge wheel. Appearing from out of nowhere a tower of purple mist-like particles assembled themselves into the vibrating form of a woman/man/thing?

There were no sounds, but the students understood exactly what they were supposed to learn that night:

The Wheel of Possibilities works with and for you that are in human form by showing you the many choices you have for your lives on Planet X1. The Wheel is divided into 360 sections and each represents a different choice of action that you may choose when you have to make decisions during your lifetime.

Before you are born you choose your parents and many others that will be with you during this lifetime on Planet X1. Those choices get you born into a human lifetime. You take on the DNA traits of your parents.  As you get older many other choices have to be made throughout your life. When you dream you can go to your Wheel of Possibilities and look at the many choices you can make. Each one will take you down a different path. There are no wrong choices because you will learn from each one.  Your birthright of “Free Will” is guaranteed. Choose what you will, Live with it you must………………until you make another choice.

Carry this lesson with you. Any questions you may have will be answered during your dreams. We are always with you and available. All you have to do is ask and it is given.

“Your next lesson will be announced when you are ready.”

The “class” of six made up of three pairs, 2MD’s/2FMD’s/1MD1FMD just sat there for a few minutes in total silence. And then just like somebody switched on a light they all woke up a little groggy!

Somebody said, “What in the hell just happened!?”

FD1 spoke up, “The purple mist just gave us some sorter class or message or something. Pretty cool don’t you think?!”

MD2, “No, cool isn’t what I’d call it, weird is much closer.”

After bantering the possibilities around for a while, the “class” agreed that what had just happened was weird but what could they do about it? Nothing. So when you don’t know what to do, sometimes the best course of action is to DO NOTHING.

Without noticing anything happening in the room it disappeared and the 3 pair’s lives continued from the moment before it was interrupted sometime ago. UNTIL NEXT TIME!  Keep dreaming.

Author’s NOTE:

Many books have been written about the importance and meanings of our dreams. Each of us is a “Dreamer”. Even songs are written about them such as, “I’ll see you in my dreams.” So, see you around.  I’ll be looking for the WHEEL of Possibilities!!” 🙂






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The Legend of the Healing Temple

That day in the early afternoon sun walking in the forest was eerily quiet. All of a sudden the air around us got colder and all sounds stopped.  The two of us stopped. Somewhere in the distance an owl hooted a warning. What was happening?

Suddenly faint sounds of music drifted toward us across the clearing. The sounds were forcing us to listen to music. Out of nowhere and unannounced stood two monk-like figures right in front of us.  With out speaking we understood that we were expected to follow them and it wasn’t optional. 

As we traveled though the forest sounds of music got louder and the birds resumed their conversations. Up ahead a steeple of a building came into view. As we got closer we could see that the steeple belonged to a cathedral/church like structure that was made of stones and mortar and grey-like in color. Two very large bright red doors were impressively placed at the entrance. On each was a huge brass door knocker.

Intuitively we knew that we were to climb up the steps and knock on the doors.

We told ourselves that we were not afraid. Of course we weren’t!

After knocking twice on the doors they opened inwardly into a ballroom of brilliant colored lights! As we entered the room two orbs of pure purple light moved with us toward the center of the room. One of the purple orbs spoke gently, “You are welcome here in the Temple of Healing. As part of your spiritual learning this will give you confidence that your GOD cares for you and  provides a place that you can come in your dreams to heal.

“How does it work?” I asked. The other orb answered, “Walk into the room slowly. Concentrate on any illness or health problem that you might have. Will it to be healed and it will be.  The healing lights of the Temple are the colors of your human body chakras. Each color represents one of the 7 body chakras.”

As we walked into the room music that sounded like Angels singing was gently present. When we stepped under one of the healing lights, our bodies became columns of mist the same color of that light. We felt a peaceful warm glow all over. Without being told to we began to slowly twirl  and sway with the music. From light to light to light we went feeling more and more at peace and contented. Time stood still.

Later that day as we were walking out of the forest we talked how happy and content we felt. We don’t remember ever feeling so good after walking through the woods on a beautiful day before.

And as legends are passed on from generation to generation we wonder just how true they might be. Well, we can dream can’t we!?


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The Hunger Games Prequel

If it ain’t broke, leave it alone! The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins was/is a huge literary book and movie success. And now the prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes comes along and ignites the The Hunger Games frenzy once again. 

“The Hunger Games” was about an event that punished rebels for rebelling against their “government”. It was a pairing of rebel children from all of the districts against each other in a fight to the death. It concentrates on the stories from the rebel’s point of view.

The Prequel, The Ballard of Songbirds and Snakes takes place much earlier than The Hunger Games and tells the stories from the “government’s” point of view. A lot of the unanswered questions left open in The Hunger Games are answered.

I predict that the prequel will also be a big success and will become a trilogy with more movies too.

Once again, it it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 🙂

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The Positive Side of the C-virus

YES! Step out of the NEGATIVE downward spiral of the effects of the C-virus for just a few minutes. There is enough of that out there already! Can you find anything at all positive?

Living in the “present moment”: Most of us never take time to just BE. We’re caught up in the rush and hurry of everyday life. Whatever we don’t get done today, well there will be tomorrow.  OR WILL THERE?

Saying those things and doing those things that I really need to say and do . (I’ll do tomorrow!)

Because of the C-virus we are experiencing that there may not be those tomorrows for us or anybody else.

So SAY those things you feel! Do those things for people you love! Make each day count!

Let those people who have been and are now in your life know how much they have meant to you and what knowing them has made a difference in your life.

Send cards and letters! Pick up the phone and call! Send those e-mails! 

Say, “Just in case”, I wanted you to know!



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Are You Living or Working with Schizophrenia? NEW BOOK out!

If you have ever known a family or person that has problems with the symptoms of schizophrenia, you know the challenges they face daily. It has plagued civilizations for centuries! Until now there has been little”lasting” success in diagnosing and treating it.  This new book, HIDDEN VALLEY ROAD by Robert Kolker tells the history and latest hope for the causation and cure! Also, Oprah has chosen the book as a 2020 Book Club selection.   A MUST read!

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